Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Devoted fans.

The Old Farmer heads off at first light. Bob and Sophie are at the gate to bid him farewell. He beeps the venerable old motor homes horn as he passes the church. He reckons he can make it to Paris in eight hours. '' I'll find somewhere to park when I get there ". Both statements might be described a optimistic. For the journey he is wearing open toed sandals, black track suit trousers with white stripes, green check shirt and his fur trappers hat with ear flaps. Paris will be spared the string vest.

Departmental elections on Sunday. Posters have been posted on the town hall notice board. We pause on our morning walk to study them. Some candidates smile. Others look serious. None give a hint as to what their policies might be. 

By the time we get back from our walk the builders are at The Rickety Old Farmhouse. Bob sits on his vantage point on the wooden table and eyes them up suspiciously. His sister leaps in and out  of their van. She is found drinking from the paste bucket. After this she is banished indoors for a bath. She howls in frustration. Sophie is of the opinion that the builders are devoted fans who've comes to see her. 

Aude, the bi-polar decoratrice, lies on top of the scaffolding , painting the ceiling while talking, contentedly, to herself. The builders don't seem bothered by this behaviour. They 'work around' her.


  1. We have election posters everywhere, too. Someone has plastered the sitting member's posters over a huge For Sale or Lease sign.....Freudian perhaps?

  2. Aude and the builders - can the entente cordiale last?

  3. I hope the Font has given the Old Farmer a cell phone like last time so he has someone to contact if anything happens since it seems his son is a lost cause. Safe travels to him as he sets out on another adventure.
    Sophie my dear please don't drink from the paste bucket, it will make you ill.
    And so it begins....

  4. Mmmmm, paste. I am sure ours would be in the same predicament...banished!

  5. In the first political poster, two of the candidates have their names in much larger type than the others, and in the second, all have the same size type. Might that be a clue as to their political persuasions?

  6. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMarch 18, 2015 at 6:30 PM

    Mmm...eau de paste bucket....delicious if you are a PON called Sophie! Bob has the right idea - keep an eye on the suspicious intruders, who knows what they'll get up to if he lets his guard down.
    Open-toed sandals, with socks we hope, but are you sure that Paris will be spared the Old Farmer's string vest.......there might be a heatwave up there!
    Judging by the moderation of your posts so far this week Angus, there has been no sign of Red Trousers.....

  7. Another post that makes me laugh! Thank you! If you put these in a book , I'd buy it :)

  8. I look forward to Bob and Sophie's antics - I was not expecting Sophie to be drinking from the paste bucket, that's a surprise!

  9. It sounds as though Sophie is the kind of girl who will try anything once !