Sunday, March 15, 2015

Confusion ?

A quiet, worker free day. Mid morning Madame Bay arrives at the front door in the Wild Child voiturette. A sure sign that Sandrine, the hairdresser daughter, has banished her from 'helping out' in the salon. 

Madame Bay kisses the PONs , then pours herself a large cup of coffee. To avoid a repeat kiss Bob retires upstairs and settles down under a chair in the Snug. The Retired Gendarmes Club are thinking of going to Chicago for their annual excursion. Air France is offering them flights  plus a room for six nights in a luxury hotel for €910 all in. '' It's a French managed hotel. We'll be safe and get proper food  there '' adds Madame Bay. Her tone of voice makes it clear that good food is not something you can take for granted in foreign parts. They plan to go at the end of November. Some of the association members are worried it might be too warm for sightseeing. We assure her that excess warmth is unlikely to be a problem. Perhaps the Retired Gendarmes are confusing Miami with Chicago ?

The afternoon is spent in the garden. The PONs ' help ' until they are banished indoors to have their paws and noses cleaned. Scotland lose ( badly ) to England in the rugby. Angus has a drink to celebrate his teams winning the wooden spoon.


  1. Bertie is wishing we'd switched off at half time...

  2. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMarch 15, 2015 at 8:10 AM

    In France you obviously don't have the same coverage of global weather news that we do here, or certain members of the Retired Gendarmes Club would not be worrying about it being too warm in Chicago in November !
    The PON's paws look remarkably pristine - their photos must have been taken before they started 'helping' !

    1. The retired gendarmes interest in weather is strictly limited to the local forecast.

  3. Not Scotland's day. Australia thrashed them in the Cricket, too. Have another drink.

  4. For heaven's sake Angus, I hope you enlightened Madame Bay about the weather in Chicago, it is cold in November.
    The last time I visited was during the month of September and they're not joking when they call it The Windy City...that wind comes off the lake at full blast.....not warm at all.

  5. Angus, you no doubt know what they say, "Chicago ain't no sissy town," especially in winter. Years ago, I had lunch at "The Walnut Room" between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when it was Marshall Fields (it's now Macy's). There was/is something very magical about it and Chicago too, even in November. The Retired Gendarmes Club will have a wonderful time, even if they are thinking it's Miami.

  6. Tell Madame Bay that Macy's has the most glorious ceiling of mosaic tiles made by Tiffany. Magical. Definitely worth a visit just for that. It also rains buckets in Chicago in November so the retired gendarmes should take waterproof boots, slickers and brollies that cannot be blown inside out by the strong winds.
    Vancouver Barbara

  7. Ah, but if they were to come to Miami, I;d have to know all the details so I could do my best stalking!!!! November in South Florida can be very pleasant. But the best months are actually January and February. Oh to have the pleasure of meeting Mme Bay!!!

  8. I would love to meet the legendary Madame Bay if they choose to come here!