Monday, March 16, 2015

The first of the year.

The heating is switched off. Almost immediately the skies cloud over and the temperature plummets. The heating is switched on again. This is a routine that happens every year. In Scotland the heating was never switched off. 

Our first hedgehog moment of 2015. Bobs basso profundo '' woof '' moves up an octave. This may have something to do with the effect of sharp quills on a sensitive nose and paws. Sophie screams with delight. No chance of the villagers having a long lie in with the angelic duo around.

After the excitement of the hedgehog encounter both PONs sleep. Sophie snores like a trooper. Bob, the ever vigilant big brother, sleeps with one eye open. 

At the local garden centre the new season collection of gnomes has arrived. The lady at the cash desk informs us " They're very popular. We sold two yesterday ".

The Old Farmer spends the whole day working on the venerable Ford Transit motor home. '' Off to Paris " he shouts out across the lane. The arrival in Paris of this 1968 classic and its string vest wearing owner a modern take on The Beverly Hillbillies ?

The sophisticated nature of life in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMarch 16, 2015 at 7:53 AM

    What an adventurous soul the Old Farmer is, and we don't doubt that Paris is just a rehearsal for distant horizons later in the year .
    We have always been led to believe that the French exude "chic" - but looking at those dreadful gnomes we think we'll have to revise our opinion. Perhaps it's just the Parisians, so we wonder what they will make of the Old Farmer and his venerable motor home?

  2. Not tempted by the gnomes then?

    On average the temperature in Aberdeen is about 4C lower than London, translating to a reduction in months of the year where you can safely turn off the heating from c.5 to <1!

    Maybe Paris will interpret the Old Farmer's outfit as ironic chic. Or maybe Parisienne fashionistas don't do irony?


  3. The only plus we can think of for the gnomes is at least they aren't as bright as the last year's lambs.....

    Someone must have a garish garden.

  4. We used to be visited regularly by hedgehogs (Chole could smell one in the garden whilst indoors with all the doors shut) but I can't remember the last time we had one in the garden. It will be a shame if Leah never gets to experience the nose to quill encounter

  5. Those "sleeping on the table" photos are adorable.....Bob and Sophie sure know how to have a good solid sleep.
    Love Bob's one eye open face too.
    The Old Farmer will soon be off again on his exploits...I do admire him.

  6. I'm glad to read that the Old Farmer is feeling up to a Paris road trip, and not spending too much time, "waiting on Godot."

  7. Those "gnomes" look suspiciously Disneyesque.

    1. Probably churned out a factory in Guangzhou that is unconcerned about intellectual property rights. Perhaps that's why Snow White is absent.

  8. I agree with Pamela - they resemble the 7 Dwarves. Hi Ho!!

  9. Paris in the spring: how romantic for the old farmer!

  10. Those gnomes/dwarves look positively creepy! Did you buy 2? :)

    The PON's look absolutely darling when they are asleep....

  11. If Angus bought two gnomes then they are just something else for the delightful PON's to savage - what fun they would have!

  12. Those hideous gnomes in French gardens? There is no hope!