Friday, March 13, 2015

And so it begins.

At first light the joiners arrive. The old 18th century windows are being taken down and repaired . Ten minutes after they start work the morose lads drop one of the windows. The panes of glass shatter. '' You'd have been replacing them anyway " says ' The Font ' putting a positive spin on things.

A team of  men come to take out the old extractor pipe for the cooker hood and fit a new one. They disappear into the attic. They can't find the old pipe. In fact they can't find the kitchen. Angus clambers up the ladder with a torch . '' While you're up there will you check to make sure the harvest mice haven't been building nests under the eaves ? " asks 'The Font'. Thankfully, they haven't.

Bob and Sophie think all of this is great fun. They roll in the carpenters wood shavings. They are dusted down and banished indoors. They wait at the bottom of the ladder for the pipe fitters. They get in their way. Sophie decides to yelp - repeatedly. This is less than helpful.

The fancy kitchen designer arrives with the tap that the man in the upmarket kitchen store said didn't exist. 'The Font' tells him to return it. Angus might have phrased it differently. 

We go to bed with the  windows repaired with cardboard. This gives The Rickety Old Farmhouse  something of a recently blitzed look. The carpenters will return tomorrow with replacement glass - we hope. Bob and Sophie watch the last of the workmen go. Then they fall asleep. A sheepdogs work is never done.


  1. Let's hope the window is the only casualty.

  2. One is forming a picture of a country where customer service staff are hired for their rudeness and building maintenance worker for their clumsiness.

  3. Bob and Sophie had a wonderful day....rolling in wood shavings is heaven.
    Cardboard lined windows are the new fad these
    Hope you found the old extractor pipe from the cooker eventually. I wonder though if you weren't able to climb into the attic what would have been their next move.
    Oh my oh my, red trousers found "his faucet" nice...I am cheering loudly for the Font from way over here....he had to take it back....YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!
    This too shall pass.

  4. Good luck Angus !
    Carpenters wood shavings and dog fur, a very messy partnership! We've just changed our internal doors, Leah's fur was like a magnet to the wood shavings and sawdust, it was amazing how far around the house she managed to spread them.

  5. Rickety just got ricketier. At least there's good entertainment for Bob and Sophie.

  6. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMarch 13, 2015 at 5:39 PM

    Did M. Red Trousers really take his tap back without turning it into a melodrama? Things must be looking up if he did.
    Wood shavings, what fun for the happy duo - and what next - is tomorrow going to be even better ? Surely Sophie's yelps were instructions on where to find things....not her fault if the pipe fitters don't understand PON!

  7. A sheepdogs work may never be done, but I hope that the carpenters work will soon be!