Thursday, March 19, 2015

"You do it love".

Angus is up early. A full hour early. The barn owls have decided to sit on the bedroom window ledge to welcome in the new day. Bob, who usually exudes enthusiasm, is still asleep. The hooting owls don't bother him.

At 6.15 Sophie deigns to join us . She adopts her " do you know what time it is ? " look. A quick dash round the garden in pursuit of blackbirds and then they're loaded into the car. The cafe under the arcades isn't open when we get there so no illicit half croissant this morning. This breech of the daily routine is not well received.

The builders cut holes in the ceilings to install new lights. The dust falls on Aude's freshly painted walls. Aude complains. The builders come down from the attic and mutter. They smoke a cigarette in the flower beds then disappear for lunch at 11.00 am. They don't return for four hours. The builders replace the broken glass in the windows. There is a disagreement over who should paint the window frame. Their '' you're a painter love. You do it " versus Aude's 'you're the idiots that broke it. You do it ' schools of thought. The window remains unpainted.

Out with Bob for an afternoon walk. The Very Old Farmer calls to us from the graveyard. He's wandered over to have a chat with his wife. He used to do it every day. Now he does it when spirit and body are in sync. Twice, maybe, three times a week. There's a chill wind blowing in from the Atlantic and after sitting for an hour on the cold granite he's lost the feeling in his limbs. We lift him up and walk him slowly back to his front door. Bob leads the way.

One of those days too uneventful for a diary but too important to go completely unrecorded.


  1. Oh dear the building work. The cracks are beginning to show. And for once I'm not referring to the house…
    Summer can't come soon enough for the farmer and his Very Old limbs.

  2. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMarch 19, 2015 at 9:33 AM

    Yes, indeed, the cracks are beginning to show - and not in the plasterwork..... Discord between Aude and the long lunch-hour builders. It just needs Red Trousers to show up and throw a fit, then we'll know things are moving along as normal !
    Angus, perhaps you, the 'Font', Bob and Sophie should have gone to Paris with the Old Farmer - a bit of a squeeze in the venerable motor home, but safe from the chaos of the workers in ROF !
    Good to know the Very Old Farmer is still up and around, and managing the occasional chats with his wife.

  3. Glad the Very Old Farmer is up and moving around.

  4. The ROF is looking good in the last photo, and soon we will have to give it a new name.
    Loved seeing Bob in his bed having a late sleep-in.
    I guess poor Aude will end up painting the window/frame since the builders will only be concerned about what they consider is their portion of the work after breaking the window pane glass.

  5. How lucky for all of us that you do choose to record your days like these, Angus..

  6. So you woke Sophie up early and she also missed out on crossant. I feel a diva moment approaching!

  7. That all sounds to me like a rather event-full day.

    Glad the VOF is out and about. Would it be possible to leave something like a small folding lawn chair in the cemetery so he'd be able to sit in that while visiting his wife?

  8. Bless that Very Old Farmer. He has a special place in my heart.

  9. Wouldn't you just love to snuggle up with Bob in bed - he looks so comfy!
    Too early for the illicit half croissant - quelle horreur - what is the world coming to!

  10. You're a good man M'Ongoose and so is Bob. Soph I'm not quite so sure about but she does look absolutely gorgeous.