Wednesday, March 11, 2015

They peer in, we peer out.

While Angus brings the car up to the front door Bob occupies himself by having a quick nap. PON rule #1 : Never waste an opportunity for a nap.

Sophie has been called 'podgy' by the lady in the blue dressing gown and red pom-pom slippers at the cafe under the arcades. When we get home she is given a trim. Dog grooming is perhaps a career that Sophie's master should not take up full time. There is a certain lack of layering to the cut. She does however look less 'podgy' if not exactly svelte. Thankfully, Sophie's coat might best be described as luxuriant so it can withstand damage. 

Before dinner there's time for chasing blackbirds in the garden  This is a game which the PON duo are hopeless at. The lack of stealth and tendency to howl with delight might have something to do with it.

A sunset the colour of the juice you get from a blood orange. Out on the old ox track the large white owls gather in the branches of the plane trees. They peer into the dining room window and we peer out. 

A quiet day in deepest , deepest France profonde.


  1. Perhaps it's as well that Sophie cannot respond by commenting on the dressing gown and pom pom slippers lady's appearance...

  2. Dui has just had a 'grooming' session. He is a bit uneven, too.

    Love that dramatic sunset.

  3. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMarch 11, 2015 at 8:51 AM

    How dare anyone call Sophie podgy - what a cheek - especially coming from someone wearing a dressing gown and pom-pom slippers! She's merely curvaceous as any PON girl should be.

  4. Love that first photo of Bob...."Hey man, I'm trying to nap here."
    There are lots of YouTube videos with tips on dog hair trimming, you can have a look.
    After all Miss Sophie needs to have a glam French look whenever possible.
    How dare the dressing-gown woman accuse our Diva of looking podgy....curves are cute.

  5. I gave up trying to trim my dogs myself after one too many disaster cuts, so Leah is of to the fur stealer today, ready for spring. I think we are all ready for spring!

  6. The trim you have given her does make a difference. I think you do really well with them.
    After two grooming courses, I was still not prepared (or capable) of how to deal with a fidgety PON who detests having his paws touched! Some of Merlin's hairstyles over the years have been rather avant garde.

  7. Very good trim job. She looks positively svelte. Clever ploy to trim Sophie and not trim Bob. Ha ha ha

  8. The Pons look Beautiful ... your work has made Ms. Sophie look as trim as a Zumba instructor! Ahhh, Mister Bob, I want to scratch your tummy.
    Amazing final picture! (I can almost hear the owls) Once again a great way to start our day.

    Yogi's Family

  9. We think Sophie looks very posh now - our Tucker got an eyebrow trim at the weekend too. He peers out and we peer in now. The last picture looks magazine worthy. Beautiful.

  10. "Podgy"? The nerve! Bob, lift you leg!

  11. What a sunset! Your headline reminds me of our six sheep. I look at them from the kitchen window and they look at me: 2 eyes vs 12 eyes...surreal.