Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where have all the tradesmen gone ?

Sophie at 8.00 am.

Sophie at 9.00 am. The windswept look has taken hold.

Bob spends much of his day on the stump seat waiting for the builders. He's disappointed.

Maybe we'll see them or the kitchen fitters today ? 


  1. Replies
    1. At some stage they'll want a 'progress payment''. Until then Bob will have to dream of Emmenthal crisps.

  2. Oh dear, the case of the disappearing builders. Did I hear that the kitchen would be finished before Easter? Did they specify which year?

    1. The Easter after they get back from their 5 star hotel break in St.Barths.

  3. Seems as if the builders and kitchen fitters have departed for an early Easter break.
    Angus I just wish you had the luxury of calling in another company to do the job, so that when the miscreants do show up the kitchen would be finished. The Font would be creating some delicious meal when they appeared and their mouths would be watering but nothing would be offered to them.
    I would not call them to enquire at all.....who has time for all this added stress in life?

    1. No point in stressing over French timekeeping. If we did ....

  4. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMarch 25, 2015 at 11:47 AM

    On the positive side, look on it as another quiet day in the Rickety Old Farmhouse.
    We, too, wish you had someone else to call upon to do the job, but of course that's why Red Trousers and the builders can do as they please.

  5. After their amusing stay at the five star hotel , they'll return home via their chartered Gulfstream G650ER.
    So tiresome to travel commercial you know.
    I think Sophie's hair might only look more wind swept because it's light.

  6. How do they stay in business? It seems they are often on strike, are late for work, or just don't turn up at all.
    Angus, we do hope that Red Trousers and his pals have a fit of conscience and appear bright and early tomorrow, their vehicles loaded with your new, beautifully crafted kitchen units, ready to produce a masterpiece.........
    Is that hysterical laughter we can hear ?