Friday, March 27, 2015

A thing the books never mention.

Bob and Sophie will drink from anything. Stagnant green ponds, muddy puddles, drainage ditches with a thin film of something unidentifiable dusting the surface. The more polluted the water, the better. If their owners emit a 'yeugh' sound and call them back they know they're in canine heaven.

However, if their bowl at home isn't kept topped up with crystal clear water they'll refuse to go near it. That guilt inducing stare that says " This waters three hours old ". 

Herein lies an aspect of dog behaviour the 'books' never mention.

Why ?


  1. It's just one of those dog things, such as walking through every mud puddle and river, but refusing to step in the occasional carport puddle in order to get in the car.....

  2. Yes, the more disgusting the water, the more our canine friends like it. They must have the most marvellous internal "filtering" system. The favourite "yeugh" drinking places for our furry duo are any scummy puddle, and an old abandoned bowl left out in the garden, filled with rainwater that's weeks old! This is the equivalent of the very best Champagne - ever ! Heaven help us if we tried to throw it away - it's checked daily to make sure it's still there.

  3. becos... that's what hoomans are suppose to do for their doggies... LOL!
    fetch the water... fetch the food.. fetch the treats... run quickly and go change the water...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... wuffffffff!

  4. Oh yes, its just the same here. I'm sure its to do with us 'slaves' providing for the dogs every need!
    Leah thought she was in heaven when she found the dog bowl at the pub full of sticks stones and leaves marinating the water, the best brew ever!

  5. Edward is the same, totally, about his water bowl.
    Must be fresh!

  6. Our lab is still fondly (?) remembered for the time he drank out of the gutters as we were walking through the French Quarter of New Orleans. The detritus there is referred to as "gravy." ::shudder:: He thought it was delicious, of course!

  7. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMarch 27, 2015 at 6:53 PM

    What else is going on at ROF today? No mention of the builders, plumbers - or Red Trousers Oh dear, not another day spent waiting - in spite of all those promises. No wonder the angelic duo are keeping a watchful eye on things. Sophie must be waiting for THOSE crisps!

  8. Things that make you go hmmmm.....dogs are a species unto themselves.
    Brownie would drink from the gutter water spilling off the roof when it hits the dirty driveway, while his water bowl is filled with clean crystal clear water.
    Loved the 'yeugh' expression....says it perfectly.

  9. So true, the seldom used water bowl must contain some kind of toxins!