Sunday, March 29, 2015

The clocks go forward.

Annual injection day. Bob, inquisitive as ever, bounds happily into the consulting room. Worldly wise Sophie has to be helped along. 'Helped along'  means being picked up and carried into the surgery. The vet chats away to them. Neither notices the injection or the kennel cough treatment. On our way home we stop at the cafe under the arcades for a restorative half croissant.

The duo sleep for three hours solid. Over excitement or the effect of the drugs ? The vet says that he's nearly lost three dogs last week due to them eating mildewed walnuts. Something he'd never seen before. The National Veterinary Centre in Lyons told him it was down to the long wet, mild winter. 

The mayor has convinced the horse farm to build a small car park on the edge of their property. In return they'll get planning permission for a new barn. The car park will hopefully remove the Belgian womans problem with vehicles blocking her gate and turning in her driveway. At the moment the proposed car park is a sea of mud.The riding school owner doesn't look very happy. Can't believe the Belgian woman is either. 

This morning the clocks have gone forward an hour. It's pitch dark when I wander downstairs  to let the angelic duo out for their morning constitutional. Sophie gives me her " Don't you know what time it is ? " look and tries to hide under a blanket. Bob, oblivious to the time,  heads across the garden at high speed in search of squirrels. Brother and sister but such different characters.


  1. Did the mayor specify a tarmac'd car park so the horse farm visitors might actually us it? The fine points of any contract are so important.
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. Tarmac ! That would imply cost. Not something the canny farmers of deepest France profonde would willingly agree to.

  3. Invite the horse farm owner and the Belgian woman for drinks and mildewed walnut canapes.....

  4. Our clocks went forward 3 weeks ago. We would prefer no DST at all. Half a croissant sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. Just come back from reading about mildewed walnuts on Pet Doctor Mom, who explains it well. Frightening.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on Pet Doctor Mom. We've been out raking the grass under the walnut trees

  6. When we set our clocks ahead, it was the same response from the dogs, except for Todd of course, he showed me how to change the clock on the microwave! ;-)

  7. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMarch 29, 2015 at 2:04 PM

    Oooh, we've got our annual shots soon - one of us in April, the other in June, but we get treats from the vet afterwards. So we don't mind too much - we're very brave ! Hope all the vets will post a warning about those nasty mildewed walnuts.
    We all slept over this morning so didn't notice what it was like at our usual getting up time. We'll know tomorrow!

  8. I think just about everyone across the globe dislikes the time change. We did ours March 9. The spring one takes much longer to get used to. And the darkness is the worst. Sophie has the right idea....just hide. Frightening about the walnuts. I guess that is one good thing about the frigid Canadian prairies, no walnut trees in Manitoba.

  9. Unless the riding school owner pays to have the car park properly surfaced so that people will use it, there doesn't seem to be a peaceful solution to the ongoing saga with the Belgian woman. Such a pity that there is discord in your beautiful part of deepest France profonde.
    What news of the Very Old Farmer, and the Old Farmer and his venerable motor home ?
    Here's hoping that you have a week filled with willing workers who will complete the job in record time - and no more hysteria from Red Trousers !

  10. But how thrilled they'll be when dinner appears one hour early.

  11. The tartan cushion looks even more comfortable (sorry, I'm reading your blog backwards).