Saturday, March 14, 2015

A limitless capacity.

This morning is a morning for chasing round and round the oak trees in the garden. Sometimes Bob abruptly reverses direction so that he and his sister tumble over each other. A mass of fur and tails and legs. Bob barks, then Sophie barks, then they both bark together. A limitless, canine capacity to enjoy themselves. There are a times in a dogs life when their owners just have to watch and laugh. Other 'things' can wait.

After the illicit half croissant we wander off to the fishmongers for some tuna ...

.... before stopping off at the bakers. Today it is ' the day of eclairs '. A dozen varieties. Mango and Green Tea for ' The Font ' , Strawberry and cream for me. Slivers of choux pastry for the angelic duo.

No sign of the builders who promised to be here. Late in the afternoon the foreman phones to say they've been delayed but will be here on Monday. Or possibly Wednesday. I remind them him that Aude, the bi-polar decaratrice, will start painting on Tuesday. '' Don't worry. We'll work around her " comes the reply. Sometimes you get a presentiment of looming 'complications'.


  1. Duke and Petite-Chose at 2GMarch 14, 2015 at 8:17 AM

    Slivers of choux pastry, chasing and barking - definitely another best day ever for the angelic duo!
    Mango and Green Tea eclairs - a new one for us, but think we'd stay with the strawberry and cream - they look scrumptious.
    Angus, we do hope your presentiments are wrong, but given your experiences so far.........

  2. In that last photo, Bob too looks like he is pondering imminent 'complications'.

  3. With the builder, Aude, and you, all there at the same time it may become the "Bermuda Triangle" with you caught in the middle -- You may want to plan your disappearing act. ;-)

  4. Oh no! The perfect storm is forming!
    Sophie looks like a darling toy dog. Thanks for the pastry pic, an ugly morning for me.

  5. At least they phoned to advise of the delay, so that's a win for you.

    The first picture looks like PONs bracing for a coming week of storms and possibly very interesting posts.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful PON day in deepest France profonde.

  7. Hmmmmmm, we can't get a picture of Aude being 'painted around.'