Monday, February 8, 2016

Equine essence.

The little market town deserted apart from a senior gentleman dragging a brightly coloured shopping trolley. He whistles, atonaly, as he goes. The PONs aren't quite sure how to respond to his whistling. Bob walks ahead ready to defend his flock. Sophie guards from behind my legs.

An exotic addition makes its way onto the fresh vegetable counter. We read the description but are no wiser as to what it might be. It's unlikely the staid citizens of SW France use it in their cooking. Angus is left to ponder how big the Cameroonian export market for Chikouang can be.

In the afternoon it rains heavily. Between downpours the PONs are keen to get out into the garden. 

They have both perfected that ' What do you mean it's too wet to play ? ' look.

Bob insists on drinking from the stagnant puddle by the horse field. This is presumably flavoured with an irresistible equine essence that he simply can't get enough of.

It goes without saying that Scotland lose to England in the weekend rugby match.

And this is one very feisty lady ( and a wonderful journalist ). All bullies should be dealt with like this.


  1. Mmmm Eau de Cheval circa 2016.. a little young yet, will get better as it matures, but comes highly recommended by Bob from the ROF...

  2. Is it any compensation that Scotland won the 'Cutest Captain' contest hands down, at least in my opinion!
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Rain equals mud....always fun to play in.

  4. Leah is quite an aficionado of puddle water as well, apparently it always tastes better than the fresh from the tap variety

  5. So funny scrolling down the page - Bob looking gorgeous
    then...Sophie sporting the 'dragged through a hedge backwards' look :-)

  6. I would find Bob’s hopeful, trusting look very close to irresistible. Sophie is appealingly tousled again with a bright shoe button eye peeking through.

  7. Thanks. That letter from Ms. Callaway has inspired me to write to Delta.

  8. Bob and Sophie could have brilliant careers as models for hair-care products. She of the "before" variety.

    Young Mr. G of HP apparently hasn't yet learned that you don't mess with a good journo who has strong editors behind her. Go, Lucy.

  9. Oh my the eyes have it...just love to see Bob and Sophie's eyes under all that hair.
    The feisty lady journalist has earned ten stars in my book.