Monday, February 29, 2016

Wanting to help.

Monday morning. The dishwasher plays up. A cryptic message ' E-5 ' appears on the control panel. '' What in heavens name is that supposed to mean ? " asks Angus. The manual has been put away safely in a place where it can be immediately found when needed. Or that's the theory. 'The Font' Googles 'E-5'. '' What model number is it ? " I'm asked. Ten minutes are spent looking for the non-existent designation. '' It says here you should switch it off, and then tilt it ". Angus bites his tongue and points out that the thing won't switch off. 

In the end the dishwasher has to be pulled out, the cupboard under the sink emptied, an access panel removed and the plug pulled. It then and only then stops pumping water.

Bob and Sophie watch the goings on with great interest. Tails wave. Sophie decides she wants to get under the kitchen sink and help. Bob 'biffs' the door magnets. 

The PONs are loaded into the back of the car. We are now heading off to get a replacement in the little market town. The juice squeezer has also died. The PONs are delighted with this sudden and early bout of activity. 

As far as the angelic duo are concerned this is already shaping up to be the best day ever.


  1. I'm sure Sophie would be happy to act as replacement dishwasher.

  2. Ok, tell us ... how many guests were you expecting? Our appliances only break down when it will cause the greatest inconvenience.

  3. Lucky Pons, but not such a good day for your pocket, Angus !
    I don't know what make you bought this time, but both my latest Bosch, dishwasher and washing machine, have been assembled in Turkey. The washing machine certainly has a mind of it's own and it's not something that can be repaired easily - i.e. at a reasonable cost !

  4. Disasters usually happen in threes in our experience, hope it doesn't apply to you...

  5. I'm always impressed with your commitment to keeping the PONS entertained.

  6. We used to have a stove that often gave us the dreaded "E5". Must be a universal complaint.

  7. Pamela is right, our dishwasher gave us the same code. I ended up getting someone to come and look at it -- It's not happened again, but a mouse is now taken up residence under it, so it's only a matter of time before we see an obscure code pop up yet again.

    I hope Bob and Sophie were right about the day!

    (Kim-Life at Golden Pines)

  8. Oh no! It must be a Bosch dishwasher! Reading the reviews after the fact, I found it has the highest relate rate of just about any dishwasher. They look so lovely but are horrid little beasts!