Thursday, February 11, 2016

Puddles, peas and beans.

It may be cold and windy in the North. Here it's just wet. Very wet. Bob is waiting for me when I come down the stairs. His tail bangs in delight against the hall table. 

Sophie yelps to let me know she's awake. Then the two of them look at me. They are in a ' raring to go ' mood. In fact they're in a 'raring to go' mood every morning.

We head off to the little market town for lunch. We're given a quiet 'dog owners' booth at the back. Bob and Sophie consider going over to introduce themselves to two ladies on the other side of the restaurant but are 'discouraged'. Bob, who senses steak, gives the ladies his best ' I love you ' look. The waitress brings them each a bowl of peas and beans. They eat then fall asleep. As Angus pays the bill Bob tries his matinee idol charm on a group of diners at a table by the door. This involves sitting and staring . He's ignored.

On our way back to the car park it rains. The PONs leap in and out of puddles. They also drink out of them. 

Just another quiet day with dogs. Puddles, peas and beans. Can it get any better ?


  1. What, no sausages?
    How could anyone ignore Bob's irresistible matinée idol charm ?
    Our girl Labs wag their tails against doors and sound like a big base drum !

  2. A very enlightened restaurant letting well behaved dogs in and feeding them!

  3. I forecast a breezy afternoon.

  4. I'm with Teena and Merlin above....beware of the gas!!!

  5. Add in furry fox and a passing pilgrim to bark at, and it's another perfect day!

  6. Bob certainly has the melt-your-heart face. How could any one resist? The charm of being given a special booth and such service is irresistable, too. A perfect PON day!