Friday, February 12, 2016

That famous ?

The PONs sit on the garden table and bark at the wind. This activity is usually frowned upon but today the wind is so loud that no one is likely to hear, or object, to their noise.

We try grooming them but give up. Today is not a pristine fur day. We settle for the rescue dog look.

Bobs ditch has been refilled by overnight rain. He is delighted. He positions himself carefully on the edge and has a long satisfying slurp. One of these days you know he's going to lose his balance and topple in. 

The cheese mongers wife has stuck a poster for a musical act on her door. '' Do you know them ? They're very famous in England " she says. The 'very' is stressed as if they're on a par with Adele. Angus silently wonders why, if they're that famous , they're coming to deepest France profonde in the off season. Not wishing to be thought cynical he keeps this thought to himself.


  1. That ditch looks so revolting - it must taste good !
    Puppini Sisters ? Nope, we must have missed them in their moment of fame.

  2. I am thinking Bob and Sophie might enjoy the Puppini Sisters.

  3. They're quite good fun.
    Merlin would agree that the ditch looks delicious.

  4. Love the wind blown PON photos today.
    Never heard of the Puppini Sisters but if Bob and Sophie start singing and become The Puppini Duo I will definitely attend their performances or even buy a cd or two.

  5. Um, not very famous in our neck of the woods.....actually in our neck of the woods the Famous Puppinis are Bob and Sophie!

  6. I have heard of those girls in NZ. You should look them up on youtube.

  7. Bob and Sophie appear to be holding steady in the face of some serious wind gusts. Wonderful pictures!

  8. The Puppini Sisters have an interesting Wikipedia page, which says "the group sings about modern and risqué subjects in a quaintly old-fashioned way," with The Andrews Sisters as one of their influences.
    If they're risqué, perhaps Bob and Sophie are too young to attend a performance?