Monday, June 27, 2016

A gentle perambulation.

Monday morning. Bob heads off to the waterfall with 'The Font' at a cracking pace. Angus is left with Sophie. We promenade round the village at zimmer frame speed. Sophie stops to stare at the frogs in one of the  village ponds. We also watch the flowers, the cows, the horses, a heron in a willow tree and a variety of other ( to humans ) unexceptional things. Staring is interspersed with sniffing.

When we get close to the house - and breakfast - the pace picks up. Angus is given that unmistakable '' What's keeping you ? " look.

The angelic duo are loaded into the back of the car. What should be an easy task is complicated by the fact that Bob has decided to sit on the right side. This is his sisters side. She makes it plain that he has to move. This creates confusion. Finally, they are both ordered out, and then reloaded. The second attempt works like a dream. Bob moves to the left. Peace is restored.

The newspapers and broadcasters bile is now in full flow over Brexit. There can be no doubting that in French eyes the English ( British is a word rarely used ) are the most deceitful, ungrateful, untrustworthy group of charlatans ever to walk the earth. 'The Font' listens to the eight am morning news broadcast and observes that the condemnatory tone is 'a little shrill '. This is Swedish understatement for shrieking condemnation.

At the garden centre the nice young people who work at the animal sanctuary are collecting croquettes. They use a ton of croquettes a month. This week they are short of kitten kibbles. Angus is loaded up like a donkey and dispatched to the cash desk. When did animal food become so expensive ? The young people seem both surprised and grateful by the appearance of a foreigner weighed down with sacks.


WFT Nobby said...

Surely Bob knows by now that the right side is Sophie's? Does he just sit there to wind her up?

Coppa's girl said...

Oh my goodness Angus, we do hope you don't have to personally face such vitriol.
Is Bob making a stand (or sit) for independence or just a change of side?

Anonymous said...

How kind of you both. I'm sure they were very grateful indeed.
I wonder if our drive down next week, in our UK registered car, will be a little more 'exciting' than usual.
Have a great day.

Virginia said...

Teena and Merlin, you reminded me of the trip through France in 1987, when the French were very upset New Zealand had caught their two agents, who had blown up the Rainbow Warrior (and killed a young man onboard at the time) so we were warned not to have any New Zealand emblems visible!! The vibes were pretty fierce!

Coppa's girl said...

Hope Teena and Merlin have a safe journey.
We cancelled a holiday, due to start yesterday in France, before last Thursday's results. Just as well I think, in spite of having a Spanish registered car, with a Saltire on the front and back ! Our French is a bit basic to say the least, and I tend to lapse into rudimentary Spanish when I can't remember a word, so maybe that will throw them off the scent? Our dogs are French and Spanish, so they should be OK and will bark with the best of them !

Taste of France said...

My anglophone accent is undeniable, so people ask about Brexit and I explain I'm not British. But those I talk with seem to understand that the folks who come to France for vacation or to live are unlikely to have voted to Leave the EU.

Emm said...

While I applaud your donations to the animal rescue people, what are "croquettes"? It's a word I associate with human food. Ah, the wonders of our "common" language.
Ever since last week's vote, I've been thinking of the famous story about the newspaper headline: "Fog in Channel, continent cut off."

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

These days, little acts like that burn even brighter.
Good on you.

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

It is "days" like this, I am grateful, we can come together, in one spot, from around the world,to comfort one another. Thank you Angus for providing "that spot"!

Unknown said...

Nicely said.