Sunday, June 26, 2016

Let the air circulate.

Hot and overcast. Best to sit on the wooden garden table and enjoy the breeze blowing through the slats. 

Then it's time to wander indoors. Sister sleeps on the stone floor. Ever watchful Bob guards with his nose out of the front door. The preparation of lunchtime Lamb Cutlets Milanese causes the pack to move in tandem to the kitchen

In the afternoon Bob settles down again in 'his' spot at the front door. Ever watchful might be a misnomer. On closer inspection it's difficult to determine whether big brothers on switch is in the on or off position.

The new calves and their mothers are enjoying the lush grass. Contented cows. Contented PONs. Life in deepest, deepest France profonde on a quiet Sunday morning. What a week it's been !


  1. No doubt the Lamb Cutlets Milanese helped everyone feel better about the world.

  2. Lamb Cutlets Milanese ....if only all the world's ills could be solved so easily Bertie !
    What a week indeed - thank goodness for the love and companionship of our canine friends. Every time I see a photo of Bob's "speckled" back, I'm amazed at how different his coat is to his sister's.
    Had to smile yesterday, our Dutch next door neighbour offered her commiserations on the outcome of the referendum ! Lots of ex-pats from all over Europe (and beyond) here, and they are all absolutely shocked and horrified at the result.

  3. Taking comfort in a wholesome feast - Sunday roast with all the trimmings on the cards for us's been an extremely disconcerting few days. Things just don't quite seem the same.

  4. Saw a long comment on a Guardian thread that posited Cameron may well have out-maneuvered Johnson, who is now up the creek no matter what, and it seemed to imply that the entire mess might be resolvable. I feel sorry for the young'uns planning careers as Europeans rather than as only one nationality.
    For which world problems, lamb cutlets seem an excellent remedy.

  5. Ahhhhh, the smell of lamb cutlets can rouse anyone.

  6. It has been quiet a week - And a good meal and the company of our devoted pups are a perfect respite from it all!