Wednesday, June 15, 2016

“Some people, if they didn't make it hard for themselves, might fall asleep.”

What strange weather. It pours all night, brightens up mid-morning, then pours again at lunchtime. The afternoon is hot and humid. The PONs deal with the changeable conditions by positioning themselves on 'their' garden table .

'The Fonts' tutorials with the Pasadena astrophysicists have come to an end for the summer holidays. The freed up time has been used to arrange  a concert to raise funds for the restoration of the church. Four young musicians , one each from Germany, New Zealand, India and Russia arrive. As the thunder prowls around outside the musicians rehearse in the church. They've tried rehearsing in The Rickety Old Farmhouse but the PONs howl whenever they play. Bach and howling do not go well together.

We have no idea how many people will show up for the concert. Angus, mindful that there are Euro 2016 football matches on television, thinks 30. Ever hopeful 'The Font' tells the ladies of the Village catering committee to prepare for a hundred. The Catering Committee are aware that this is a sophisticated evening. They are preparing vol au vents and their signature salmon and cottage cheese mini pizzas.. '' It's not just a dance band " says Madame Bay to the lady with the beehive hairdo.

Bob sits on his stump seat to watch chairs being moved from the Salle des Fetes into the church.

Unsure what to make of string quartets Sophie opts instead to dig for moles in the lavender beds. Angus has a sneaking admiration for this approach to culture.

It's going to be a busy musical day in deepest France profonde.


  1. We take it that the PONs do not have an ear for Classical music? What are the attendees are expecting if Madame Bay is referring to the group as "not just a dance band" !

  2. I do hope there will be a good attendance for the concert! If you hear a back up chorus, then you will know Bob and Sophie are also enjoying the concert from their house!

  3. Wonderful to learn there will be a musician from our part of the world performing at your local church. We wonder who??? We wish all four musicians all the best for their concert!

    Riley & Enzo (from Auckland, NZ)

  4. As long as the concert is not scheduled at the same time of a football match I believe there will be lots of supporters. Hope everything goes well.
    Any luck finding a new cleaning lady or can you coerce Madame Bay to come back to the ROF? I miss her.

  5. But surely you are describing my mother in the title of today's post! How on earth did you get to meet?
    Cheers! Gail.
    PS Hope all goes well with the concert and lots of money is raised.

  6. LOL I so wish I could be there. And for the sake of the kind souls doing the catering and the young talent doing the entertaining and because I would love the whole thing I would for sure be the first knocking on the door. Bonne chance.

  7. FYI, the creator of the beehive hairdo just died at age 98.

    1. Her spirit lives on in deepest France profonde.

  8. I hope the concert will be a wonderful success. It sounds absolutely lovely. The pictures are all great, with the first being a true winner.

  9. Have you considered an on-line fund raiser for the church? I would love to make a contribution as I'm sure
    many of your fans would. Just a thought...although it might be quite a task to set up.
    Looks like someone has given the PON table a good soak of teak oil. Quite a transformation.

  10. Perhaps a big screen TV behind the musicians showing Match of the Moment, might increase the audience....that, and liquid refreshment.