Friday, June 17, 2016

What is art but a way of seeing ?

The children from the  primary school are given a start of the school day concert in the church. After that it's the turn of the folk from the Special Needs home. Difficult to say who enjoys it more. At each there is an unscripted and enthusiastic element of audience participation. 

The young musicians may play in larger venues. They may play in venues that are more stylish and more sophisticated ( and hopefully pay better ). However, they will rarely play in a place where their music generates such simple joy . 

Afterwards, the Salle des Fetes is opened so the second concert goers can have a glass of orange juice. Angus can't help but think everything has been set out with practicality in mind. 

By lunchtime the musicians have been returned to the airport.

The male PON waits for their return. He is beginning to enjoy having a larger flock. 

Bob spends the afternoon sitting on his stump seat, waiting. His disappointment is tangible. PONs, after initial reticence, are sociable dogs. 

Sophie adopts an altogether more relaxed approach to herding.

So passes another day in deepest, deepest France profonde.

A fine lady. RIP. :


  1. Poor Bob - he really does look bereft.
    How wonderful that the music was shared, and so well received. You must both be delighted that all the concerts were such a success.
    What's next?

  2. It seems that the wonderful young musicians truly succeeded in touching the entire community, PONs included. A welcome ray of light on a day clouded by the murder of MP Jo Cox.

  3. A tragic loss and my heart breaks for her small children.

  4. How touching that the audiences felt so moved by the music. Wish I could have seen it.
    There was a period in my life when I listened only to a certain stately, serene kind of classic music (Mozart, Schubert, Bach). I needed that order and calm. The world outside could be chaotic, but inside my little classical bubble, it was neat and sunny. With everything going on in the world, it's time to put on some highly civilized music again.

  5. An equally enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding performance for the musicians as well.
    Who ever set out the refreshments is obviously very experienced with children and special needs folks. Keeps the juice in the glass and out of the mop. Well done.
    RIP Jo Cox.

  6. I feel for Bob. Tell him that though his flock is spread far and wide we can still feel his mighty protection.
    Jo Cox's death is more then shocking. I hope Digby is able to watch out for her from the his post on the high ground of the heavens.

  7. Bob is unaware that he also has an international flock who have coffee with him every morning. So glad the concerts were a great success!

  8. We're sure the musicians enjoyed the smaller concerts, as well.

    1. They are not of an age where self importance overrides compassion.

  9. We were very saddened to learn of the tragic death of Jo Cox. The moments spent here, with a glimpse of the young musicians and picturing the concerts, to see the peaceful rooms of the farmhouse and our friends Bob and Sophie, mean so much.

  10. I echo the thoughts of the comments above mine about the musicians. How wonderful and what a treat for everyone to be able to enjoy! A lovely end of a good week in your village -- Aside from the tragic and heartbreaking story of Jo Cox that of course made our news here.