Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Five thirty.

It rains overnight but by the time we set off for our morning walk the sun is out . The amorous wild boar , who seem oblivious to storms, were canoodling in the wheat fields until dawn so the PONs are kept on their leads to avoid any possible run-ins.

Vase d'Anduze  pots at the garden centre. The new red colour not a positive addition to the range. Bob is actively discouraged from christening them.

Both desk tops go wrong. ' The Font ' who has bought a computer in London and had it shipped deals with DELL in London ( or more probably Bangalore ). A delight. Everything sorted out in an hour. Angus has to deal with DELL France. A non-English speaking zone. After the better part of a day he finally gets through at five thirty only to be told they're closing . '' Ring back tomorrow ".

The PONs, who are oblivious to technology, are in fine form. This mornings blog produced on the laptop which proves to be easier said than done.


  1. When it comes to breakfast-time images, you had me at 'amorous wild boar'…
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. The thought of amorous wild boar canoodling makes me laugh. I feel that Bob's christening of the red Vase d'Anduze would positively enhance it !

  3. Boars in the fields and boors on the phone. Good luck!

  4. But just look at those darling faces!

  5. The first photo is wonderful, like a child's drawing, one tree next to another in a perfect row, placed just so along the horizon.