Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Without notes.

First light. I emerge from the bedroom to find a welcoming committee waiting. They are wearing their '' What's been keeping you ? " faces. Tails 'whump' against the floor. A morning sound.

Sophie has had one of those hair flattening nights .

The early sun strikes the window boxes.

Potatoes from Brittany have arrived in the greengrocers.

So have the first of the flat peaches. 

Some carrots are bought for Bob and Sophie . Since we've given up wheat based treats their 'itchy ear' allergies have almost disappeared.

Yesterday, the Speaker of the House of Commons opened the session, speaking without using notes. What could have been a maudlin affair was instead suffused from the outset with purpose. This two minute long  clip is posted , not out of sadness, but as an example of how dignified language can combat even the deepest darkness.


  1. A moving speech, echoing the sentiments of us all.
    Our "girls" bang their tails against radiators and it sounds like a badly cracked bell !
    Those flat peaches are called Paraguayos, or something very similar, and so far the ones here have been very poor - locally grown ones lack the water to make them juicy.

  2. Feeling relieved that a Bertie doesn't insist on getting up at first light here in Aberdeen in midsummer!
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Still looking utterly beautiful Sophie - despite the flat fur!

  4. Dogs and small children are so similar. Up at dawn, ready to romp. But you don't have to worry that one day dogs will learn to turn the doorknob and come into your room to wake you up already.

  5. That was a very touching tribute to such a lovely soul. I had read a piece on Jo Cox just the day before she was murdered; may she never be forgotten. Thank you for this link.


  6. Very moving words from the Speaker. Thanks for posting the link.

  7. Just back from a week of difficult traveling with limited internet, and so very grateful for the calm and serenity (even with Sophie) of the ROF. Glad your musical evening was a great success.

  8. As I was listening to the Speakers tribute, I could hear John Lennon's "Imagine" in the back of my mind. If only ...

  9. Dignified language indeed. Too little being heard at present.
    Ms. Cox shall be missed.

  10. Flat peaches? Afraid our morning usually starts with squeaky toys and excited dogs underfoot. Would like a plain 'wump' of tail.

    A dignified speech.....rare in parliament here. I think our pollies would be looking at their phones...