Thursday, June 16, 2016

Multi tasking.

Ten minutes before the concert starts the musicians head out of the gate. They are followed along the lane by the French teacher and the Parisian lady. 

There are forty people in the church when the musicians arrive.

At 6.30 another ninety folk show up. More chairs have to be brought over from the Salle des Fetes. These are set out, irregularly, in the nave. Monsieur Bozo, the drainage engineer, his wife and the extended Bozo clan, are among the late arrivals. Everyone stands up and kisses the new arrivals.

The little lady with the purple hat who is handling ticket sales from the plastic table by the porch door finds taking the money and handing out the programmes to be one challenge too many. The mayors wife is called on to help.

Half an hour after the published start time the concert begins. The mayors inaudible words of introduction drowned out by the seven pm bells. Madame Bay, dressed in what from a distance might be mistaken for shiny silk turqoise pyjamas, makes a late entrance. Tonight she is accessorized with white high heels and a pair of glittery spectacles with enormous frames. Lest anyone be in any doubt that this is a 'sophisticated' evening Sandrine, Madame Bays hairdresser daughter, has dyed her mothers hair blueish-green to match the pyjamas. 

Bob watches the comings and goings from his stump seat. On our return Sophie, who has had to wait for dinner due to no less than seven encores, gives us a look that makes it abundantly clear we are uncaring dog owners.


  1. What a brilliant success. Well done the 'Font'!
    But I search in vain for glimpse of Madame Bay in the photo…
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Oh how wonderful! What a turn out. And seven encores!!! The Font is to be congratulated on what sounds like a delightful and successful concert !!!

  3. Congratulations to 'The Font' on such a successful evening. With seven encores it seems that the audience was very appreciative, and how rewarding for the fine musicians who travelled so far. Perhaps this is the start of your little corner of Paradise becoming a Cultural venue?
    I, too, looked in vain for Madame Bay, so please, next time Angus, can you be sure to take a crafty photo? Would I be right in thinking that in the first photo, the elegant lady in the striped top is the Parisian?

  4. I too, yearn for a glimpse of the wonderful Mme Bay.
    Oh dear, Sophie does look displeased, however I am sure all is forgiven by now.
    A great success and congratulations!

  5. Excellent! The old church filled with life again. Ah, the magic and power of music! Or is it the promise of refreshments? Wonderful event all the way around. Congratulations to The Font.
    It wouldn't do to get on the Bonzo's Bad side, would it.

  6. That's an incredible turnout. Félicitations!
    The folks with chairs have better seats than those on the benches.
    Will concerts become a staple of the village?

    1. Is it one of those occasions where you take your own cushion?

  7. Madame Bay might be flattered to know we all want a look at her..

  8. I think I'd like bluish-green hair too.

  9. So happy that the concert was a wonderful event and that everyone enjoyed it.
    Yeah!!! Well done Madame Font!!!