Tuesday, June 7, 2016

" For God's sake,' the dog is saying, 'open the universe a little more!”

Bob heads off with 'The Font' for a power walk round the lake. 'The Font' will cover three maybe four kilometres. Bob considerably more. Last night he had the hair over his eyes trimmed. This means he is unlikely to be taken unawares by the approach of strangers.

Angus and Sophie head off across the village green. Sophie is on her lead. There were wild boar on the ox track last night. Their grunts and squeals waking us at one and again at three thirty. Amazingly both PONs slept through these amorous porcine antics.

In the space of forty minutes we do a tour of the old medieval village walls. Sophie is in one of her smell every flower , scratch every tree moods. Progress is stately. She stops and stares at the heron fishing in the pond behind the church and then at the Stork wading in the pond by the pottery kiln.

By seven the heat is rising. A humid day in store for us as the warmth from Africa battles its way over the mountains. Down in the valley it looks as if a field of blue flax is coming into bloom. On closer inspection it turns out to be rows of newly installed poly tunnels for the melon harvest.

By eight Bob, Sophie and their master are in the greengrocers. Coconuts make their first showing of the year.

Later today I shall go to the town hall for a meeting to discover which wallpaper the village committee thinks is appropriate for the church porch.


  1. I bet that'll be the only time I'll hear the phrase 'amorous porcine antics' today.
    Bob and Sophie enjoying every moment of everyday is simply heartwarming.

  2. Just safely back from Montenegro etc., where road users are warned of wild boar but we were disappointed not to see any. (They can scarcely be more of a hazard to cyclists than Montenegrin drivers…) Pleased to be back into the home routine - breakfast with Bob and Sophie then a walk in the park.
    Cheers! Gail.

  3. Have the village committee already made their choice, or will there be liquid refreshment of an alcoholic nature to help that final decision? And afterwards will there be a glass or two of bubbly, at the ROF, to celebrate the outcome?

  4. Always lovely to see Bobs soulful eyes.
    Handsome chap.

  5. A decision on the wallpaper...already? We'll wait and see.
    Bob's eyes are really soulful, aren't they. Sophie's definitely mirthful.

  6. You better take Bob with you to the meeting for moral support especially if the decision is still in the
    'discussion' stage.
    Btw, I didn't get around to listening to the Radio 4 interview with Dr. Nott until late in the day
    yesterday. What a wonderful man. Thank you for linking it.

  7. Sophie is doing a girls version of "window shopping" !!!

  8. Seems like a peaceful day...except for the paper choice, perhaps.