Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A big day.

The PONs start the day with a level of energy and enthusiasm that makes their master feel decidedly old. Bob bounces out of the front door followed by his equally bouncy sister. They hurtle round the garden in pursuit of invisible things. Sophie sees a blackbird on the lawn and shrieks at its audacity. Some dogs bark - Sophie's a shrieker.

In a couple of hours I'll get the big car out and collect The Old Farmer for his trip to the hospital. The front seat has been moved as far back as it'll go so that he can get in easily. Bob and Sophie's dog blankets have been taken out of the back to improve the air quality. The angelic duo will be keen to join us but PONs, an eighty six year old with a dodgy hip and a hospital admissions desk are not the ideal combination for a stress free day.

Yesterday The Old Farmer spent his day mowing the lawn and making sure the venerable Ford Transit motor home and the equally venerable Mercedes were polished and ready for his return. He seems cheerful enough. 'The Font' remains unsure that elective surgery at 86 is a good idea but we keep this thought to ourselves.

Here at The Rickety Old Farmhouse the ladies of The Women's Cooperative have settled in. They start to shift furniture then sit cross legged on the floor in a circle and smoke something that may, or may not, be entirely legal in France. They make their strange meditative noises. Little work is done apart from the stripping and sanding of the skirting boards. Three of them believe that they're going down with a cold. The afflicted trio leave after two hours.

I ask Aude, the bipolar decaratrice,  if the decorating will be finished today as promised. The reply is non-committal. The paper hanging lady has been busy at a architectural welding course in Bordeaux. She will be here this afternoon to put up the striped paper in the hall. Decorating the downstairs bedroom and snug will , I fear, have to wait.

Rather good to know that some anniversaries are still remembered :


Taste of France said...

They smoke IN the house???
Let's hope the striped wallpaper ends up straight.

WFT Nobby said...

Bertie approves of bouncing!

Coppa's girl said...

It's turned very cold here, and my Lab, Inca, positively bounces around !
The ladies of the Women's Cooperative are very much a law unto themselves. As they obviously believe in sharing, I wonder when the rest of them will go down with the cold? Perhaps you should take a course in paper hanging, Angus?
Good luck to the Old Farmer, we hope the op. is a success.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Best wishes for the Old Farmer.

We are also all energy here this morning with great excitement as the weathermen are calling for 6+ inches of snow for us today. Best day ever this spring!

Sheila said...

While you may not take up paper hanging as suggested by Coppa's, if I remember correctly, you did paint the ceiling soon after moving into the ROF...wearing a shower cap.
I struck up a chat with a lady of 86 years (she proudly told me) recently who showed me her bandaged knee, the result of joint replacement surgery. Medicine these days can produce all sorts of amazing results.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Striped wallpaper, eh? Not much room for error then. Good luck - to you and TOF. YAM xx
(ps very poignant link...)