Saturday, March 31, 2018


We go to the modern cafe on the industrial estate. Outside the tricoleur flutters briskly on the large flagpole put up for the Presidents recent visit. Easter, it seems, is going to be wet and windy.

The display of cakes on offer fails to entice Angus into buying. The pretty girl behind the counter provides Bob and Sophie with some choux pastry slivers. Bob is told he's handsome. A freshly shaved Sophie is told she looks adorable. This may not be entirely true. For the PONs it's shaping up to be the best day ever.

In the greengrocers a sign for Lemonquats.

Angus studies the fruit below the sign and decides the Lemonquats must be the small yellow coloured fruits. What appear to be mouldy oranges are perhaps Combavas ? Neither fruit would be found in a greengrocers on Mull.

White asparagus is now in high season. We buy enough for lunch. Boiled potatoes, ham and seasonal asparagus - a sure sign the year is rolling on. 

Back at home Loic the heavily bifocaled gardener has parked his bike outside the gates. Bob and Sophie examine it carefully before rushing across the lawn to throw themselves into Loic's carefully crafted leaf piles. Loic remains oblivious to their antics.

When in London Angus goes to the bookstore. Piled up on the counter a new book about Prince Charles. The assistant says it's selling briskly. '' Well written and thought provoking " she informs me before adding " The author was here last week for a talk and we were packed out. He ended his talk with the words ' May the Queen live forever ''. Angus buys a copy. It turns out be written in an upmarket Kitty Kelly way and proves impossible to put down. 'The Font' has now started reading it. The author, it would have to be said, provides an unflattering ' warts and all ' view of the Prince. No wonder he ended his bookstore talk in the way he did.

Easter Saturday music :


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Up late here, so our finding out if Saturday is the best day ever will have to wait until later.

I think I'd like to read the book as well. I've always been a bit intrigued by Charles. He clearly wants to be king and it appears that it may not be going to happen. How difficult it would be to wait and train for a job your entire life, and never really be able to do it. Is it a 'personal hell' for him?

Good night Angus, I hope everyone at the ROF have the best day ever!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
A fine sound to open the day...
Severe lack on the cake front!
Up at the back of the baskets is lemongrass... then, from top left in clockwise progression are the kumquats, the mandarins (or possibly satsumas), the kaffir limes and then what I suppose to be lemonquats. Presumably a hybrid of kumquat and lemon? I'd go-ogle, but it's been a long, insomniac night... YAM xx

MOPL said...

I thought that the chocolate tart looked okay. Great to hear that Loic is back to his routine.

Sheila said...

Thanks for The Moldau. It must sound wonderful at full volume within the stone walls of the ROF.

WFT Nobby said...

I'll take the music but maybe not the book.
Cheers, Gail.

Swan said...

Thank you for the music and the book 😊

Coppa's girl said...

Slivers of choux pastry and a romp through Loic's leaf piles - oh yes, definitely a best day ever !

Emm said...

The book is listed on Amazon but not yet for sale, so perhaps not in the US yet?
I've always felt a bit sorry for Charles. He seems someone not sure of his place in the world, trying to cope in an environment to which he is ill-suited, and in a family that (until it upped its PR game to the A level recently) is majorly dysfunctional. That said, I'm as happy as the next person to read the latest breathless "royal" story -- it beats reading about our head of state.