Sunday, November 10, 2019

CD's to North Korea.

One of those mornings when the PONs take some time to wake up. I'm guessing from the look on their faces that this is not a day for judging the constitutional merits of impeachment.

Another election e-mail from the British Prime Minister. This time it says the country exports Jason Donovan CD's to North Korea. An unusual factoid for an election campaign. Who remembers Jason Donovan ? Isn't North Korea on some sort of UN sanctions list ? I'm now looking forward to tomorrows e-mail to see what fresh aspects of Britishness it uncovers.

A busy start to a Sunday morning in the little market town. A lady with a Yorkie sees the PONs and immediately sweeps her little darling off its feet and into the safety of her coat. A beagle at the cash machine is ready to wander over  for a chat. I hurry the PONs along. Bob is always ready for a chat but with Sophie impromptu meetings can sometimes become 'noisy'.

Cheesecake day in the bakers. I ask the bakers wife what flavours they are. ' Cheesecake  she replies. Upon further questioning it transpires that they're lemon flavoured, classic with pecan, fruit and classic without pecan.

And an Arts and Crafts house that has been restored and opened as a museum in Cambridge :

How time flies. A tweet from the UK ambassador to France :


WFT Nobby said...

The lady with the Yorkie has a very determined look!

Coppa's girl said...

A slice of that cheesecake would go down a treat with my coffee - it's blowing a gale here!
Wow, now that's what I call a real vote catcher if ever there was one - Jason Donovan CD's to North Korea! More important than a better NHS, or decent education. Obviously much more important than concern about the ties that bind us, which are surely the same whether we've been away five, fifteen or twenty five, or however many, years?

Kerrie Roberts said...

We were in UK earlier this year visiting friends who took us to William Morris' house in Bexleyheath. Gorgeous.

Susan said...

That letter is an absolute doozy!

Taste of France said...

The email doesn't specify HOW MANY CDs to North Korea nor HOW MANY catamarans to Mexico. As the nouns are plural, there are at least two, and possibly also at most two.
I would love to have some good cheesecake, but I fear it wouldn't meet expectations (I used to live in Brooklyn, not far from Junior's). In fact, my own cheesecake is pretty awesome, but I rarely make it because I would have a whole cheesecake and then I wouldn't fit into my clothes.