Thursday, November 21, 2019

Two canine companions.

The cheerful surgeon is there at the break of day to check me out of hospital. He thinks that a glass or two of Burgundy with food is a much more practical pain relief strategy than Codeine. ' I'd have a Romanee-Conti or a Richebourg with  dinner to help things along'.  In this regard both he and Angus are in complete agreement. The surgeon is once again wearing his sleeveless padded waistcoat despite the hospital heating being permanently set at tropical levels. Angus wonders why all hospitals are kept so warm. Does it stop patients catching chills ? All the staff are very deferential to the surgeon . A reminder that medicine and the military are hierarchical professions. The surgeon is referred to as 'Mister' , the less senior medics who wear scrubs are merely 'Doctor'.

The PONs are collected from the kennels by 'The Font'. The reunion is enthusiastic and vocal. Both Bob and Sophie rush into The Rickety Old Farmhouse. The angelic duo sniff Angus and then immediately calm down. They seem to know that a degree of reserve is needed. Bob maintains a solicitous watch on his master. Sophie doesn't. She keeps a weather eye on the kitchen in the hope that the roast chicken will somehow fall on the floor. This is an interesting insight into the psychology of our two canine companions.


  1. So pleased to hear you're all happily reunited. And enjoy that medicinal glass (or two) of Burgundy.
    Unfortunately, the extremely hierarchical nature of the medical profession (still) means that bad practice can go unchallenged, with junior staff too often scared of challenging their seniors. I understand that respect is due for the expertise of a surgeon, but I still think the culture lacks openness and badly needs to change.
    Cheers, Gail.

    1. Hari OM
      This was going through my mind as I read it, so won't repeat what Gail has so elequently said. The main thing here is that Angus is back online and all is right with the (blogging) world!!! YAM xx

  2. The surgeon has good taste....
    Welcome home!

  3. OMG. Just browsing the headlines of La Dépêche, and there's worse than Sophie:,8553015.php#xtor=EPR-1-[newsletter]-20191121-[classique]

  4. Welcome home Angus. Looks like Bob may do the same over-worrying as he did when Sophie was recuperating.
    I hope he doesn't make himself sick...he is always such a sensitive boy. That wine sounds perfect, I like your Doctor!

  5. Glad you and the PONs are home. Here's to a speedy recovery. We too have one dog who believes it's his job to nurse us back to health - and one who doesn't!

  6. Delighted you're home safe and sound and the pack is once again reunited. Wishing you a quick recovery. You were very much missed!

  7. Welcome home! Glad to see you are now tasked with the job of rest and healing.......the pups will help you in that endeavor!

  8. Bailey Bob Southern DogNovember 21, 2019 at 5:03 PM

    Everyone is home and together! One of the best days ever ! ! !

  9. I'm sure that as hot as the hospital was, someone was complaining about being cold. It happens in our office all the time and I think some people just look for something to complain about.

    I hope your recovery will be a quiet and uneventful one!

  10. As the PONS well know, "there's no place like home." We are so happy to have you all back where you belong - under the roof of the ROF. BEST DAY EVER!