Saturday, November 30, 2019


Sophie is being kept busy.

This morning she's out on the garden table in the warm sun. She has to look her best for a trip to the rugby ground later today.

Grooming has not been a priority over the last week . It shows.

Brushing completed, the family princess and Angus stop and consider burger of the month at the local fast food outlet. Sophie is of the opinion that every morning should start with a burger . She is less keen on the idea of avocado or grilled peppers. 

We head off to the cafe for a coffee and a shared croissant. The girl behind the counter doesn't know about Bob. She's incredulous when I explain what's happened. Sophie gets told how brave she is. Sophie seems indifferent to this . She'd much prefer to be given surplus choux pastry.

We're coming round to the view that it is quite possible that Sophie will soon adjust to her role as the only family dog . Being the sole recipient of attention and not having to share curly croissant ends has an upside.

And a special thank you to Charlotte and Yamini for finding a way to get this marvellous picture of Bob to us.

This looks like a fun place to stay if you like remote:


  1. ANGUS - be sure and check on yesterdays' second entry at 4:41 from Yamini - she has sent another lovely drawing, this time of both of the PONS together - BOB and SOPHIE.

    1. Anonymous, thank you for your message that you placed here to alert Angus . I truly hope he finds it. It is so beautiful of them together.

  2. P.S. to my comment above. So pleased to hear that you are entertaining the thought of SOPHIE perhaps being the sole dog at the ROF -
    I think she might enjoy the reign, and be absolutely fine in the role. I truly do. Attending the Rugby match with ANGUS, and starting off with a fruitful visit to the hot dog cart.......what more could a girl want! One vote in favour.......with heartfelt regards from the Westcoast of Canada.

  3. Such a wonderful drawing of Bob. Do you think it captures his joy of life?

    1. Yes. There is something of the quart of enthusiasm in a pint sized body to it.

  4. I plan to be here a long time.
    I am so thankful you received the pictures. Bruce and his had just lost one of their Westies he knew how you were feeling. He wanted to share with you. That is why pushed so hard for both families. They were beautiful. You and “the Font “ love pictures so I believed you would want them. I wasl late sending a beautiful picture of Bob and Sophie together. Another beautiful picture.
    Yamini MacLean really out for me to send another link for you to download. It was sent by her on November 29, 2019 at4:41 PM.
    It is written above. I trust you read this comment and check it out.
    🙏🏻 for all of you.
    This message was written yesterday and I don't think you saw it. Didn't want you to miss the picture of both of your beautiful PONs together..
    So very thrilled that Miss Sophie did so well on her outing today. She might enjoy all the attention this afternoon, hope she will.

  5. A beautiful drawing of Bob, and the one of the two PONs together.
    Yes, the family diva will enjoy being the centre of attention, but for a while she'll probably miss venting her ire on that wonderful oaf of a brother!

  6. Sophie, of course you must be looking your best for your imminent encounter with the rugby players! Sweet smelling breath is important too. Don't go rummaging around in the undergrowth and consuming anything unspeakable this morning...
    Toodle pip!

  7. Sophie looks wonderful. And Angus must be mending well for the district nurse to encourage a rugby outing with a Diva.
    The art is lovely! So many kind and loving readers and local friends of the ROF. You are so blessed. XXX

  8. Wonderful picture of Bob but I especially love the one of both Bob and Sophie together as found on Yamini's link. Such a talented artist! Wishing you and Sophie an enjoyable visit to the rugby match today.

  9. Hari OM
    ...I should perhaps make it clear that my part in the images was only to help out Charlotte with the technical part of making them available. Her friend Bruce has taken images from this blog and used some software to create the air-brushed pencil look. The mechanics matter little - as you have all agreed, the end result honours Bob muchly. Glad Angus found merit also.

    Mlle Sophie - you are perhaps looking like you are now heading into full Diva-bloom!!! YAM xx

  10. What a beautiful image of Bob. The burger does sound nice.

  11. The photo (thank you, Charlotte and Yamini) is marvelous. I'm certainly looking forward to a report on Sophie at the rugby match! It may be that she will adjust well to being the star of the show (which no doubt she already assumed was her role). Good for Sophie for soldiering on. I find the adjustment very hard; I miss Bob and think often of him. I spent some time yesterday looking at some of their "toddler" photos. What a grand fellow he was (and remains in our hearts).

  12. Bailey Bob Southern DogNovember 30, 2019 at 7:00 PM

    Sophie and rugby are not two words I would have thought belonged in the same sentence. I am hoping for an enjoyable time for all attending the rugby match today. As Stephanie has said, “I ( too ) find the adjustment very hard”. The photo of Bob is awesome.

  13. That portrait of Bob is wonderful! I feel like he could bound right out of the picture and go for a run outside, with Sophie.