Friday, January 17, 2020

Mightily unimpressed.

A start of day trip to the lawyers to have documents signed and witnessed. Brexit and its related paperwork creates lucrative business for those in the legal profession. Scottish documents must now be replicated by French ones. 

The notaires waiting room still has a Christmas tree glowing away in a corner. The French seem to leave their decorations up until the end of the month unlike the Brits who hurry to get them down a couple of days after the New Year.

On our morning walk the donkeys are down in the bottom of the field sheltering from the biting wind that's blowing up here on top of the ridge. Sophie barks to alert them to her presence. They don't trot up to see us either because they've not heard her or can't be bothered. The latter is more likely.

Angus explains to Sophie that he has to go back to London for the day to see the new push, poke, prod and pummel surgeon. He is also going to be speaking to some Manhattanites over dinner. The first time he's done this since September. One of those 'Things to watch out for in 2020 ' type affairs. Last year China was top of the list. This year it's the voters in Wisconsin and Michigan and the consequences of a wafer thin result in the electoral college. 

What can you say ? :


  1. The last photo is obviously (as all can see) that of a PON girl who fully understands that her Master is leaving for London - and she is not pleased one bit. Hurry back home ANGUS. Hoping that the P.P.P.P. Surgeon finds all well, or helps if you are still having 'twinges.' You shall be missed. Just take another look at SOPHIE's expression! If this is not "heart on sleeve" - what is! Warm regards from the Westcoast of Canada.

  2. Sophies eyes are at least visible this morning, despite a degree of facial fur dishevelment.
    Best of luck with the new surgeon. I'm wondering how well the Manhattanites understand the voters in Wisconsin?
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Good luck with the new surgeon - we hope he has the answers you are after.

  4. We have been wondering how you are doing after your surgery, praying today for a positive pain free outcome for Angus and for the Republican Senators to grow spines.

  5. Hari OM
    All best for the PPPP review. I agree that Mlle Sophie is clearly communicating her desire that find a way to do such things by the ethernet and never ever have to leave her again!

    I adore the glass in the entrance hall of the notary!!! YAM xx

  6. I wonder if Sophie's face, in the last photo, is also one tinged with relief that the standard of cuisine at ROF will not suffer one jot whilst you're away!
    Safe travels Angus, and a good report from PPPP surgeon.

  7. Sophie's expression seems to sum up her feelings of your impending absence and the up-coming year.

  8. I also hope all has gone well in London.

    The video tweet reminds of petting a cat.

  9. May I ask whether your lawyer/notaire is in Toulouse and whether he/she deals with any immigration/carte de séjour or just UK citizens? I am looking for an expert to help me navigate getting citizenship (have you considered it?). Toulouse isn't too far for me. If your lawyer/notaire deals with non-UK candidates, would you please post the name, or mail it to me at taste(dot)france(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thank you!!!

    1. Sorry, but our local lawyer is a) agonizingly slow and b) incapable of understanding anything beyond the most basic. For something more complex one of the fancy Toulouse lawyers advertised in 'Buzz; the local expat magazine would be a better idea.

  10. Sophie has so many - and highly expressive - faces. The last photo does speak volumes.

  11. Bailey Bob Southern DogJanuary 18, 2020 at 7:23 PM

    I hope all has gone well with the new PPPP surgeon. May your London dinner have put you back into a familiar setting. Have a safe trip home.