Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The hotel.

Sophie joins me in the office and fixes me with her patented ' Let's not dawdle inside when we could be out in the cold chasing C-A-T-S ' look.

The Old Farmer has re-appeared. Today, he will be repairing the axle on a trailer that he's picked up at auction. He will rejoin his lady friend tonight after ensuring the Christmas lights around his gutters are working. He's recently wired them to a motion detector so that they ( and the Christmas star on a pole ) light up if anyone tries to climb the steps to the balcony. The flaw in this plan is the presence of the local cats who use the terrace as a love nest. They trigger the sensor each time they clamber up the stairs. In the wee hours the village can be as bright as Coney Island on Labor Day ..... and as noisy.

Angus and Sophie are shown how our neighbour plans to replace a flange, put on a new tyre and then take the recently purchased trailer off for a quick respray. '' It will fetch a good price with a little bit of work done on it ''. Angus and Sophie look at the rust on the trailer and what appears to be a gaping hole in its side and admire his optimism. The Old Farmer intends to use the proceeds from the sale to take his lady friend to Marseilles for a weekend in May. ' We'll stay in a hotel' he adds . This is clearly going to be an almost no expense spared trip away. The choice of a hotel may indicate that the venerable Ford Transit motor home is no longer functioning. It is equally possible that his lady friend has declared it a health hazard.

After all this excitement Sophie spends much of the morning catching up on her beauty sleep outside the front door.

Just another day in a little French village where nothing ever happens apart from those things that make life, life.


WFT Nobby said...

How I admire the Old Farmer and his optimism.

Lisa in France said...

When I saw your title today, I thought perhaps you decided to set off for the Arctic Circle after all. Good for the Old Farmer, and good for the hyacinths as well! I love hyacinths, but we are afraid to have them in the house because they are toxic for the parrots. We once paid a ten-day hospital bill for our oldest parrot when she decided to lunch on guacamole, so we try to be careful. With Cherry, we have almost given up - she's eaten chicken bones, a bowl of grapes and several boxes of chocolates with no apparent ill effect. We panicked when she ate the grapes, and the vet hospitalized her overnight - no problem from the grapes, but being a lady, she refused to pee while incarcerated and developed a bladder infection that took six months to cure.

Poppy Q said...

The trailer looks 50 years old and in need of retirement.