Thursday, June 4, 2020


We're up even earlier than usual talking to men in dark suits. One of them observes plaintively 'At least the pandemic is off the front pages '. 

Closer to home the man with anger management issues has built a new chicken coop. Sophie discovers it on our crack of dawn walk and is intrigued.

'Encouraged' along she stops to greet the horse, from a safe distance, and then hurries on towards the ridge. We sit on the storm drain and look at the gathering clouds out towards Bordeaux. Sophie has an ear chook and leans into me. She is told as she's told every morning that ' this is her home'.

Back in the village the workmen are busy by seven am. There are three of them this morning. They are planning to pour cement into the base of the 'Swaying Jesus'. This will hopefully put paid, once and for all, to the villages sole source of fame. There is a fear that the down beam may be rotting away. When it is lifted out the extent of the damage will be visible. Later on this morning Angus and Sophie will return to see what they've found.

After such an exciting start to the day Sophie is ready for a lengthy nap.

This put me off travelling :

An uplifting insight  :

'The Font' discusses this over breakfast :


  1. Finally, some farm animals of a more appropriate size for Sophie! Boy, that flight to Beijing does not look like any fun. I feel so bad for all the Chinese students at my son's college. Some stayed behind in Ohio and are home-staying with faculty, staff and other people locally, but those who went home may not be able to return when on-campus school begins again. Meanwhile in Tokyo, the number of cases doubled since yesterday - still a low number but the trend is not good.

  2. The lovely article about RLM reminds me of the Thomas Edison quote about one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.
    Bertie and I are waiting with bated breath for further news of the state of Jesus's down beam. Meanwhile, we find ourselves almost looking forward to the light relief more news items about Brexit....
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Hari OM
    I too am with bated breath on news of the Swayer...

    Loved the RLM article also. Having experienced insight (inspiration?) I can vouch for it not necessarily being spontaneous, as such, but as a consequence of deep-diving into the given subject. Then one is left working towards another possible such 'bolt from the dark'!

    Watched the first five minus of the vid... now bookmarked to continue with my afternoon crochet in hand! YAM xx

  4. Lady had the reaction she wished the pandemic was on the front page. Hard times.

  5. So what happened to the swaying Jesus?