Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Just after it's happened.

Despite the remedial work that was done last year 'The Swaying Jesus' has started to sway again. The builders are expected at any moment to strengthen some bricks that have become dislodged . The mayors secretary is here at first light to supervise. Quite what the mayors secretary does all day, apart from be 'official' , is a mystery that neither Angus nor 'The Font' can quite figure out. We understand that French bureaucracy loves a paper trail but even so how can a community of 67 souls justify this amount of book keeping ?

The moor hen chicks are now getting close to being fully grown. I manage to catch a blurry shape charging across the water lily leaves.  Perhaps it's time to kick start the world economy and buy a new i-Phone with a smarter camera ? This one seems to capture the scene a second too late.

Sophie and her master do a full tour of the village walls. Sometimes Sophie hurries on. Sometimes she tarries behind. Angus views it as a dutiful walk that we do four times a day. Sophie views it as a great adventure that must be savoured and explored .

Our weekly trip to the big greengrocers. A security man points to a pile of disposable gloves. Angus puts them on. The next two customers behind us don't. Nor do they wear masks. Angus wonders if he should say something to the security guards but thinks better of it. The staff all wear masks. 60% of the customers do - 40% don't.

A lovely voice :

She has been quoted in the newspapers . She posted this on Sunday . There is something powerful in the lyricism of the metre  :


  1. A new iPhone/new camera sounds like a wonderful idea, both for the economy and for your faithful readers. The details of the pond might take on a whole new aspect.

    Yesterday was a shameful day, but today seems to have been a much better day in the US, with even larger, but largely more peaceful, protests. If I were at home, I would be in the streets, and many people seem to have woken up with the same idea. The president may learn that the Silent Majority he tweets about is something very different from what he envisions. In the meantime, we have our dogs to keep us sane.

  2. Hi Angus, it is intereting the ratio of mask wearers to non-mask wearers in your part of the world. My country (New Zealand with a population of 5 million is now down to one known active COVID-19 case, though sadly 22 people aged sixty plus have died) has never had an official policy for or against the public wearing masks. Instead, they focused on early lockdown, 2m distancing (more than some countries recommend), lots of handwashing reminders (with no mention of mandatory gloves wearing for the public), testing plus our Ministry of Health posted info about the pros and con of mask on their website (with links to various studies) for individuals to decide for themselves (except for if they are with a known case or working in a job which requires masks). I wear a mask for some things, but many people don't. Then again my cautious nature means I still follow our Ministry of Health's suggestion of washing certain surfaces regularly, washing shopping/fruit and vegetables, etc even as we head towards the lowerest level on the 1-4 scale of restrictions (which is likely to be mainly border controls as there have been no new cases for 12 days).

  3. Two mysteries this morning - the swaying Jesus and the secretary's workload. Only one of these is likely to attract pilgrims!

  4. With the swaying Jesus and the mysteriously chiming church clock, there's quite a lot of excitement in your village of 67 souls! Is the mayor's secretary merely being official - or officious?
    It's good to know that Sophie is keeping a close eye on things.

    1. When describing the mayors secretary 'Prim' is the word that comes to mind.

  5. Hari OM
    I have yet to venture outside my door (the stay at the Hutch still having a week to run), so cannot comment properly on the compliance of mask-wearing in shops, as requested by ScotGov. I know that nobody at all outside my window is paying any attention to that or other 'guidelines' (and the street has been as busy if not more so than pre-COVID).

    The Right Rev lady didn't mince words - and fair enough. YAM xx

  6. I have not been anywhere in 12 weeks so don't know about mask compliance here. My husband does not wear one when he goes out. I ask him too but it is his choice. I will when I start going out and it will be required at work.