Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Wonderful scents.

The hotel and airline industries  are busy sending out e-mails. This morning Angus finds an e-mail from Hyatt informing him that the Cleveland Clinic is advising them on germ control. This is reassuring. They also say I can have private bee keeping lessons on the roof of 'certain' hotels. This is less reassuring. A hotel in Arizona sends an e-mail that is effusive in its enthusiasm to welcome me back. ' It's been too long ' they say chirpily. In fact it's been twenty five years since we stayed there amid a disastrous family holiday in Tucson. Little did we know that Arizona had a rainy season that can put Scotland to shame. 

The gendarmes have been to the village to interview witnesses about the altercation and subsequent hedge felling incident involving the man with anger management issues and the German billionaires builder. The Belgian lady has provided a statement. The old mayor and the new mayor find themselves on different sides of the dispute. Being foreigners we have opted for the ' We're a bit simple and no speekee the French so good ' approach to village quarrels. ' The Font ' rather delphically thinks this is a role Angus will have no problem playing.

Off for our early morning shop. At the frozen food store frogs legs next door to the Sea Bass. You don't find that in the UK.

In the large greengrocers a sign prohibiting customers from using their fingers to pick up the cherries.  A scoop is provided. Angus looks on in horror as a man ahead of him picks up one, then another and then a third. Having eaten the cherries he then places the cherry stones on the edge of the display cabinet. No cherries for us today. Angus is once again unsure whether his discomfort is based on the mans lack of hygiene or the theft involved .

To the cafe that serves good croissants. Angus orders two but 'The Font' speaks to the waitress and changes that to just the one. Angus and Sophie are disappointed. Todays croissant is a 8.9/10.  A second would have been a 9.5/10.

Today we breakfast among the early rising gentlemen of the local sanitation department.

They have brought their trucks with them. Sophie sits with her nose high drinking in all the exotic smells. Canine contentment.  She wanders over and checks the dustbin mens footwear. They coo at her but she's quite oblivious to anything other than their perfumed boots. The life of a diva is truly wonderful.

Australia shares this brand of humour. Possibly the US. Canada too ? Not many places would be allowed to scorn their politicians :

Americans apparently drink this. Having read the story I'm no closer to knowing what it is :

Can this be happening in Texas ? :


  1. Today's croissant does look especially good, with the curly ends curling in different directions. As to politicians, I hope you've found Sarah Cooper in your travels across the Internet:

  2. Angus, are you sure you don't want to take up bee-keeping?
    I'm afraid my sense of humour fails me at the moment when watching Boris Johnson's pronouncements on Covid-19 in the UK...

  3. It's been a while since we've heard from the Belgian lady. How is she holding up post-Old Farmer?
    It's crazy how an accent can make people think someone is stupid. Surely the ROF holds more years of higher education than the village combined...

  4. Hari OM
    As to the drink..."Hard seltzer, spiked seltzer or hard sparkling water is an alcoholic beverage containing carbonated water, alcohol, and often fruit flavoring. The alcohol is usually made by using either a wine, spirit of fermented cane sugar base alcohol; sometimes malted barley is used." (from

    And yes, a blogpal in Texas was this very morning lamenting the re-rise of COVID... YAM xx

  5. Loose cherries at supermarket here, but there is a member of staff standing by to make sure the correct procedure is adhered to. No sneaking a taste and gloves and mask used at all times!
    If she could stay awake long enough after our immediate post dawn walk, Inca would be green with envy at the wonderful "aromas" Sophie enjoyed from the footwear of the gentlemen of the sanitation department. Normally she has to make do with a quick sniff as the truck barrels past us. Much better if we can delay our walk for a while until the communal rubbish bins have just been emptied! Inca feels that these huge communal bins are so much more interesting than a small individual dustbin. Some of the smells are almost intoxicating!

  6. Whiteclaw is weak and fruity flavored and a poor excuse for imbibing. In the states it's popularity seems to reside predominantly with young hipsters and "influencers" who love the low calorie aspect. Poor Arizona desperately needs rain right now as there's far too many wildfires so early in the season. That croissant looks wonderful this morning.

  7. Your day looks lovely.

    I hate the cherry eating people. Use the scoop and pay for the produce before you est it and clean up after yourself. How arrogant and rude.

  8. Cases are rising not only Texas, but Arizona and Florida. What time of year were you in Tucson? Was it monsoon or the December rains?