Thursday, December 15, 2022

Christmas song #12

Four months since we moved North. The 'Last Wee House before Denmark' is slowly getting into some form of shape in a two steps forward, one step back, kind of way. Yesterday, the planning permission for the new garden room was submitted, the electricians showed up to install new lights in the garden ( and left again as they didn't have the right cabling ) and the carpet layer confirmed he'd be here on Saturday. We've finally opted for the ultra modern broad stripe .The company that delivers fuel oil texted to say - with studied imprecision -  they'd be a 'couple of days ' late. The new kitchen has been designed and the supplier would like a deposit  but the joiner has gone down with the flu and hasn't signed off on the final plan.

We're heading into the winter solstace. This far north it's barely light at seven thirty. Sophie gets ready for her tour of the village by the lights on the Christmas tree. The lady in the shop tells me that these new tree lights will only use 2p of electricity every hour. This sounds reasonable for these straitened times. What she doesn't tell me is that the 3000 lights have a fade in and fade out programme built in. 'The Font' reckons we can learn to live with this. 

The new star at the top of the tree is temperamental. This morning it has slumped to a 30 degree angle. We put this down to overnight temperature changes . The alternative explanation would be field mice sheltering in the relative warmth of the conservatory and clambering up the tree.

A  ribbon of white snow on the hills on the far side of the estuary. There is a bitter easterly wind this morning. Angus is keen to get home and into the warmth. His companion is in one of her lets dawdle moods. Why not enjoy this splendid weather ? Every blade of grass is closely examined.  My impatience is ignored and admonitions to get a move on fall on deaf ( although freshly trimmed ) ears.

By the time the PONette gets into the back of the car ( that Volvo key fob setting that allows you to clear the ice from the windows and have the heating blasting away is a Godsend on a morning like this ) her fur has developed a 'lived in' look. It's so cold this morning that the heating element in the steering wheel has switched on. This is an option I didn't know we had.

At the cafe there is a vocal moment when the family diva discovers there's a thin layer of ice on the dog bowl. This problem is quickly corrected and peace descends. A shared pain au raisin helps things settle down.

In the absence of students the town is deserted. Things should pick up again when the first of the out of towners stream in for their Christmas or Hogmanay stays at the big golf hotels.

Christmas song #12 . Some Handel from Ghana :


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Good gracious, go, Grammaphone Ghana!!! Glorious... YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

The Volvo is sounding ever more appealing.

Coppa's girl said...

I'd assume the Volvo has heated seats too? You'll be glad of those when winter really bites.

The Life of Riley said...

Nice tree. Check if between the power plug and first light there is a small box with a tiny button. On my tree lights there are random options to choose and only one, when the lights stay on, that I like!

Lizzie said...

I like the tree, too! The star decided on jaunty?
Am I seeing a raptor of some sort above the buildings on the right side of the street in your last picture?

Travel said...

Lovely morning, thanks for taking us along for the walk,

rottrover said...

Your tree is lovely. You all will really enjoy that garden room when it is redone and has some insulation and no drafts!

Jake of Florida said...

Your tree looks so lovely with the lights added!

Helen said...

Wonderful seasonal music Helen in France

Gemma's person said...

Sophie is almost incognito in the photo of her and the beach front. She is going for the "you can't see me" look.
And the tree with the leaning star seems to be going for The Grinch look.
The star is wonderful along with the largest tree in history.