Friday, December 16, 2022

Christmas song #13

Last night we finished 'You're dead to me ' on Netflix. Is there any plot twist that wasn't used by the writers ? 

We return from our morning tour of the village. Sophie's paws hint that a thaw is on the way. Where once there was ice, now there is mud. A thaw means that there is a strong probability of heavy snow later this morning. Already a bank of cloud is forming just off the coast. Further south there have been reports of a foot of snow falling on the Edinburgh road  and creating havoc for rush hour travellers. Angus thinks the chance of us seeing any of the workmen who promised to show up today - or of getting deliveries - is exactly zero.

Time enough for a quick trip into town. The gritter trucks are out.  Outside the good coffee cafe we find one very sad lady waiting for her family to pick up their lattes.

The very sad lady decides that she doesn't want to have a lengthy conversation with an exuberant Sophie. She turns her back and ignores the family diva. Sophie simply cannot understand this.

Down to the harbour to meet the lobster fisherman. He's been out since three but has come ashore as the clouds build.  Lobsters he can sell. Langoustines are 'exotic' and therefore harder to shift. We take a dozen. Sophie is greatly taken with the smell of the lobster creels. She is 'encouraged' back to the car. 

The quay side is deserted- the students are gone and other dog walkers are presumably tucked up in bed to avoid the coming snowmageddon.

This Scottish fiddle music popped into the inbox overnight . What a coincidence. Filmed down by the harbour where the lobster boat docks - Christmas song #13 :


WFT Nobby said...

Those folk in the St Andrews University publicity department do a great job!
Gail has been hoping that with age Nobby might gain an understanding that not every dog wishes to engage in a lengthy conversation with him. Sophie's example suggest this might be a forlorn hope.

Coppa's girl said...

Poor Sophie, how annoying that the sad lady doesn't want to chat! Why is it that so very few places have somewhere suitable to tie your dog when you have to leave them? It's so distressing to see the sad pooch tied to the drainpipe - no wonder she's miserable. I always wonder if the poor things have been abandoned, and have been known to go back and check.
What beautiful clear pictures of the harbour - hard to believe you're waiting for snow.

Travel said...

Such a pretty place. The lonely sad girl should have made a new friend, the two of them could get into all kinds of fun and trouble together

Lisa in France said...

Dog society seems complex - when Sophie wants to be friendly, the sad girl doesn't, but when Doreen and her friends want to be friendly, it's they who get the cold shoulder. My son will be home from school next week and will be working on his graduate school applications while he's here. There are a fair number of Scottish schools on his list, and I keep looking at your photos and thinking how he would do in such cold country. OK I think, as it's also beautiful, more beautiful certainly than central Ohio.

Kippy said...

Hard to believe any dog would not want to be social with Sophie. Cold temperatures and snow forecast for our area of Washington state. The weather forecasters are in their hyped up, oh it is going to be dreadful broadcast mode. Usually the forecast isn’t correct and the snowmageddon etc isn’t so bad. Preemptively, the school district has said no more snow days. If it snows, online classes will be reinstated.
A warm cottage, fireplace fire going, good conversation,the smell of langoustines being cooked and an adorable pup. Sounds like perfection

Jake of Florida said...

Dogs seem to be no different from people when it comes to an instinct as to whom they'd like to chat with and whom not.