Sunday, December 18, 2022

Christmas song #15

Village pig greets us enthusiastically. Sophie moves so that Angus is strategically placed between her and this noisy beast. As all PONettes know prudence is the better part of valour. 'The Font' claims to have seen five piglets in the undergrowth yesterday but there's no sign of them this morning. How wonderful it would be to have new village residents in time for Christmas. Someone - presumably one of the Jack Russell owners - has been along earlier and left some iceberg lettuce and orange peel for village pig.

Warmer this morning although it's still hovering near freezing. The biting wind has gone which makes our start of day walk easier. We don't see many aircraft overhead up here but there's a contrail of a large four engined plane lumbering more than flying due north. I'm guessing an LAX or SFO flight heading to the arctic and then down on the great circle route across Canada.

The puddles which have been covered in a thick layer of ice all week are now beginning to thaw. Sophie stops every hundred yards or so for a lengthy and noisily indecorous slurp. Puddle water is infinitely preferable to fresh water from a bowl at home.

Outside a restaurant in town what remains of a snow man. It's been slowly but surely shrinking since we first saw it on Friday morning. I'm guessing that it's the offspring of students celebrating an end of exams dinner. The cold temperatures at night have extended its life although what's left is a mere shadow of its earlier glory. Perhaps there's a Christmas book in there - The little snow man that refused to melt.

A carrot and some chocolate buttons - the snow mans facial features - have somehow survived.

'That' voice and the tenderest of carols. Christmas song #15  :


WFT Nobby said...

Still plenty of snow up this way. As an adoptive Aberdonian, I feel I should appreciate Annie Lennox's singing more than I actually do.
But I can't wait to see the wee piglets!
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

Is that a chocolate biscuit on the snowman's head - or should that be snowperson's head, in these gender impartial days? Surprised Sophie didn't spot that.
Just checked and it's a chilly 9ÂșC here at the moment. I know it may sound positively tropical to many, but it's arctic to us. At the beginning of the month it was high teens and low 20's most mornings. We'll wait for the day to warm up a little before venturing out.
Having learned that Indy never misses food, she'd have pinched that carrot long ago! Nothing is safe.

Linda said...

Angus needs to get the free FlightRadar24 app. Then he would know for sure whether it was Frankfurt to Chicago or Paris to LAX. There is something magical about spotting a contrail overhead, looking it up on the app and imagining all those people on board looking down on a snowy Scotland laid out beneath them like a map.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Thanks for Annie (I'm a fan)... and Linda beat me to the suggestion of the flight tracker! For me, it's the shipping tracker, the Clyde being ever populated.

As for Village Pig - she is a Tamworth... and I am worried for her eyes; I hope the vet is aware. Piglets would be good. The breed still requires more population to keep it viable. YAM xx

Gemma's person said...

There is no other voice like Annie's (a fan here too).
Ms. Pig is always a delight to see.
I like where your mind goes with the snowman. A child's book.
Maybe a series with Sophie as the star.

Travel said...

Less wind makes life easier for man and Diva.

Kippy said...

What a great start to the morning. Thank you so much for the Annie song, really enjoyed it.
Hoping Village Pig’s eyes are okay and the nearly closed eyes are just because it is happy and smiling.