Monday, December 12, 2022

Christmas song #9


Out on the hill we meet a 30's something couple with a young black labrador on a lead. I say a cheerful 'Good Morning'. The couple ignore me and look resolutely ahead. Sophie wonders why a young dog would be kept on a lead in the depth of the country. Angus wonders what kind of people would ignore a cheerful 'Good Morning'. Takes all sorts. Both of them are wearing 'impractical' shoes which might indicate they're out of towners who've rented a house on the coast for the festive season. 

A squall blows up. Sudden squalls bring with them great light shows. The sky to the north darkens to black as gusts of sleet bear down on us. Then, where the estuary meets the bay, the rising sun turns the black clouds yellow, then salmon pink, then red. The whole thing is very Fingals Cave. The squall remains out at sea which means dog and companion are windswept but dry.

The Christmas tree is up. We asked for an eight footer but got a six footer. What it lacks in height it makes up for in girth. The few ornaments brought from France seem to have survived the journey. Only one was broken although the star for the  top has gone AWOL. The tree has been put up in the horrid, and soon to be replaced,1980's era conservatory. The wind howls through the conservatory windows which keeps the temperature inside at a chilly ten degrees which should stop needle drop.

And so we segue towards Christmas. The rest of the country seems to be suffering heavy snow and bitter cold but out here on the coast it's windy but mild. Back in France the temperatures fell to minus five last night with colder weather forecast. The villagers have been told to expect power cuts. After two years of Covid lockdowns and dislocations the old mayor thinks a few power outages will go unnoticed.

The Christmas creche has also survived its return journey north although we remain unsure where to put it.

Christmas song #9 - a favourite from last year :


WFT Nobby said...

Let's give the unsuitably shod couple the benefit of the doubt. If from out of town they might had their lab on its lead in case of unexpected livestock encounters. No excuses though for the failure to respond to a cheerful 'Good Morning'.
Such beautiful singing in Christmas Song #9.
Cheers, Gail.

Travel said...

The sheep approve. (Long story that starts in Yorkshire.)

Coppa's girl said...

Having had several young Labs over the years, I can quite understand why the couple would keep it on the lead. Ours were all extremely friendly, especially when off lead, which wasn't always appreciated by everyone we met. No excuse for not returning your cheery greeting though.
I do hope you find a suitable place for the creche - it's so much part of your Christmas - and ours! The tree looks festive too.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I, too, cannot condemn the use of a leash on a dog in unfamiliar territory (Farmers are sure to approve)... however simple good manners in returning a greeting would surely have cost the young strangers nothing.

How lovely to see the decorations starting to emerge at The Coastal Cottage - and the singing today was sublime. YAM xx

Camille said...

So pleased the creche survived the journey and so happy to see it again this season. It just wouldn't be Christmas without it. There's no understanding some folk sometimes. Maybe you looked shifty to them in your bobble hat (I say with tongue in cheek) But surely Sophie's beauty should have been the ice breaker.

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

I always look forward to seeing your holiday decor. May we please have a night picture of the tree with the lights on it?

Anonymous said...

Love seeing the crèche again in its new home. Your tree baubles are so pretty too. We couldn't understand how rude that couple were. Your second pic is great - there is so much to see in it. We are pleased that you are still in touch with the Old Mayor.
Wendy (Wales)

Anonymous said...

The tree is lovely. Now I know that Christmas is truly near as the beloved creche has made its much-anticipated appearance. Thank you, Angus for the grand photos of your spectacular Scottish light, sea and fields, and charming town. Dear and clearly happy Sophie is a highlight of my day. Stephanie (in Northern California where it is frosty and sunny on the coast today)

rottrover said...

Sophie appears t be enjoying every second of her morning walk. I wonder if the young couple were deaf? Though surely they saw the expression on your face. Maybe they were just distracted by the beauty of the morning.

Jake of Florida said...

Love seeing the creche again. Each face so unique and expressive. Two more interpretations about the couple with the leashed lab. One: as you say, seasonal renters, but warned about the unpredictable natives...especially those with fluffy dogs. And two: perhaps simply two people from far off shores who don't understand English and were embarrassed. Not

The Bougalou Bear said...

Nothing says Christmas on your blog like the wonderfully quirky Creche!
I am very happy to see it made it to your far-away shores.

I agree with the old mayor; for all their grumbling the French are more resilient than the world usually credit them.

Teena and Lala said...

Aha! I spy Bob bauble. Never knew whether it arrived. So pleased it did!