Sunday, December 11, 2022

Christmas song #8


More half hearted snow on the ground this morning. Down on the beach Sophie sees an excited puppy playing with an orange ball. For the family diva this is a state of affairs that must be investigated. How can this puppy be enjoying itself without her there to organize matters ?  Puppy is of the hyper active type. This can no longer be said about Sophie who is settling into her 'grande dame' age.  The puppy dances around her, does back flips and rolls on its back. The family diva has a look on her face halfway between bemusement and shock. Having satisfied herself that Jaffa Cakes are not to be found Sophie continues her morning walk. Some companions - even if they have an orange ball - are simply too active. She turns and looks at me right in the eyes as if to say 'I could have done back flips like that if I'd wanted to !'. " Of course you could" I find myself saying out loud. 

The patio doors have slumped slightly on their hinges and do a poor job at blocking the drafts when the wind blows from the north. We stop off at the hardware store for some draft excluder. This morning  a pile of snow shovels have made an appearance in the display of goods outside. This can't be a good sign.

The hardware store has a large selection of plastic garden animals. These never seem to sell although the prices are periodically adjusted higher.

The store also has an unheated Christmas decoration section. Angus wonders if these four monochrome gnomes are for sale or are an 'installation' ?

On our way home we detour to the butcher for a rack of lamb. The butcher chats away to my companion but doesn't give her a sausage.

A Teutonic Christmas song #8 :

 A small Scottish company that has made lampshades for inside the wee cottage. :



Coppa's girl said...

Poor Sophie - it's a sad day when you realise you're not able to keep up with a pup! No Jaffa cakes make the whole thing so much worse!
It still comes as a surprise to see so much unwrapped meat on display, having been so used to it coming hygienically packed in plastic at the supermarket. There are only a couple of supermarkets in town that actually have small sections selling fresh, unpacked meat. Good quality though the meat looks, not sure I'd actually want to go into an old fashioned butchers shop these days.
Those gnomes made me laugh.

Travel said...

Sophie will demand a different butcher, one who understands who drives the decisions and rewards her.

Anonymous said...

The original Ukrainian song we now know as Carol of the Bells is truly beautiful. My favourite song of the season. Here is a link

David Foster also played a beautiful version of it here:

WFT Nobby said...

It is slowly dawning on Nobby that not all 'senior' dogs appreciate the hyperactive puppy approach.
Both Nobby and Gail would very much appreciate a taste of the rack of lamb.

rottrover said...

Anonymous! That version was beautiful. I can't wipe the goosebumps off my arms!!