Monday, October 9, 2023

Warm and cold.


You expect Scotland to be rainy. You don't expect it to be this rainy. A months worth of  rain in a day. Warm air from France meets cold air from Norway and the result is an epic downpour. In London it's in the upper 20's. Here it's half that. The retired villagers Sunday morning church going routine is interrupted by the storm but the Jack Russells are in seventh heaven. They stand on the kerb and  leap in and out of the flood waters.

The road through the village is flooded. As is the 'T' junction by the main road.

By the time we make it to the '5' star hotel we have the road to ourselves.  Non-SUV drivers have sensibly retreated. The Volvo isn't a Land Rover but it takes 18" of water in its stride. The secret to floodwater is maintaining a slow but steady pace. Driving in the raised centre of the road also helps. 

Pity the poor golfers. The rain over the last two days has been so heavy that small lakes have formed on the greens. No chance that the tournament will go ahead as planned. Having lost two days play they'll extend the match until Monday night so that winners can be declared and the £5m prize money can be distributed.

This morning we find that one of the tournaments catering trucks is open. A group of bored security staff are sitting at an outside table . They're ignoring the light drizzle and laughing at a labrador that has come over in search of a sausage roll. I'm glad to say the labradors valour is rewarded.

Back at The last wee house before Denmark the skies are lightening. In fact the weather forecast calls for bright sunshine and soil drying temperatures. This change in the weather must be exceedingly annoying for the tournament organizers. From 'The Fonts' cabin we can see that the rain has washed tons of top soil into the  sea. A plume of sediment has stained the water brown for perhaps a mile out from the shore. 

Warmer climates. Foreigners seem to avoid Genoa but it has one great hotel : and this restaurant with great views :


WFT Nobby said...

Every cloud has a silver lining. If you're an aquaphilic Jack Russell, or a Labrador with a sausage roll that is. Less so for the golf tournament organisers.
There were plenty of clouds in Torridon this weekend, and steady rainfall, but not quite the torrential downpour experienced further south and east in Scotland. My little Ford Fiesta made it safely back to Aberdeen yesterday afternoon and we did not encounter significant floodwater on the roads.
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

British weather never fails to surprise! Looking at the photos it's easy to see why the golfers will be disgruntled - flying a long distance and then being rained out.
My Labs used to insist on going for a walk no matter how heavy the rain - their pleas were impossible to ignore. Catching a mud spattered soggy tennis ball was bliss!

Anonymous said...

You HOPE it’s sediment

jabblog said...

Apocalyptic weather sent to try the patience of all.

Lisa in France said...

Yikes, but it's good to know this is not the usual Scottish weather. We keep getting these reports from Glasgow - wind alert, rain alert, ice alert. Yesterday my son acknowledged that perhaps he should have taken his boots after all. I can just picture the Jack Russells.

Travel said...

Stay safe,

Diaday said...

Yikes, that's some serious water volume. Stay safe and dry.