Saturday, May 18, 2024



What is there to write about when the students have gone and the summer visitors haven't yet arrived ?

Out on the coast we meet the owner of the German registered Mercedes we saw earlier in the week. He and his six year old have spent quality time camping out on the beach. They came down with their sleeping bags last night.  His wife and the two and four year old  slept, in comfort, in their house in the village. We watch the father and son walk back slowly along the track towards home. They're deep in conversation. You couldn't get better quality time if you tried.

Down by the rock outcrop the bird watcher with his beanie hat and  zoom lens has seen - and photographed -  a pair of Red Backed Shrikes. If his excitement is anything to go by we can assume these are extremely rare

Behind the Italian coffee shop the old college courtyard is deserted. In the absence of students I reckon the coffee shops takings must be down by 80%. We meet a cigarette smoking caretaker who tells us a stick of bombs was dropped here in a 1944 air raid. One hit a cottage ( but the lady owner was out  ) another hit a corner of the medical school and a third landed in front of the library just to the left of the large oak tree scattering 14,000 books across the garden. The final one hit a house where a young lady was 'entertaining' her boyfriend who was on leave from the Army. The caretaker tells us with relish than  that ' the twa wur vapourised'. The things you learn.

The restaurant that's very popular with students is having a makeover. The builders are working on a Saturday which must indicate that the owners are keen to get it ready for the tourist influx.

The beach deserted bar the local dog walkers and a smattering of joggers.

A solitary dog chases crows across the grass by the municipal flower beds. The dog is very happy and feigns clinical deafness when called. Eventually his owner wanders back and puts on his lead. They trot off. Every so often the dog glances over his shoulder and gives the crows a ' Just you wait ' look. 

No breeze to trouble the dandelion seeds this morning.

So starts an exceedingly quiet - and hot - day in a small coastal town  enjoying summer before the tourists and summer schoolers arrive.

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Travel said...

Enjoy the peaceful quiet day.

Coppa's girl said...

Strange to see the lack of crowds everywhere, so enjoy these moments of tranquility before the human deluge!

Tara said...

That gazebo looks like it has a serious lean to it. At first I thought it was the photo, but the little posts behind appear plumb.

Lisa in France said...

Interesting that the town should be so empty when the weather is so fine.

jabblog said...

It looks calm and beautiful - enjoy the peace.

Linda said...

We were in the 'restaurant that's very popular with students' a couple of weeks ago, solely because we had a voucher to use. I can confirm that it is sorely in need of updating. We were told that the work would take 2 weeks and then it would be open again in time for students returning for graduation - and the tourists.

Fay said...

Excitement can be outside or inside: I am enjoying immensely a recent book you showed us: They Flew: A History of the Impossible. How could one not be enchanted knowing that there are saints such as Christina the Astonishing and Joseph of Cupertino, also known as 'The Flying Friar' and 'The Shrieking Saint'? I so enjoy your reading “list.”

Angus said...

Fay - Yes, that book is indeed wonderful.

Gemma's person said...

I love your telling of the father and his son, a story worth the telling, a feeling worth thought.