Sunday, May 4, 2014

We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet; and, amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us.

Congratulations to those of you who recognized the object in yesterdays quiz for what it was, A baguette box. Every morning the bakers wife can be seen driving around in her little white van popping the morning bread into these little tubes. As they say " Only in France ". Newspapers here are delivered with the post.

By the greengrocers a sleeping sheepdog wakes up, briefly, and looks at Sophie.
A band of thirty pilgrims come through the village singing. They are carefully scrutinized.
There's roast chicken for dinner. While it's cooking Sophie catches up on her beauty sleep.
Two old gentlemen in berets put the world to rights. One of them tickles Sophie behind the ear.
The villagers play Petanque in the car park until midnight. Bob watches them.
We'd call it quiet but for  two young PON's it's a weekend of endless excitement.


  1. Perhaps Bob and Sophie wait eagerly at your gate hoping that the baker’s wife will give them a croissant as she drives by. Perhaps a “Do Feed the Dogs Croissants” sign would help your ever hopeful duo!

  2. Love that last photo. As French as the baguette delivery boxes.

  3. That was a surprise to me that they put bread in it. Would not do that here in CA.

  4. The PONs always have a ring side seat for whatever activity.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  5. That would have been a lovely day for me too......
    I just adore that fourth photo of Sophie looking out from her bed.....although I hope you know she is only pretending to catch up on her beauty sleep.....she is timing her dinner perfectly....I bet she had the Font and the oven in view at all times.

  6. Love them, beauty sleeps definitely works with Sophie, she is so cute. Baci da Kiri, he would "fall" for her head over paws... woof. Have a great Sunday!1

  7. Now we want a baguette box. And the bakery that makes the baguettes and delivers them too! We're jealous beyond words.
    Love seeing the duo standing tall at
    the gate waiting for something
    wonderful to happen. And for them,
    it does! It's a PON's life.

  8. oh... the pictures here... the life...
    the life of pons in france profonde.
    nigh onto perfection.

  9. Could you please tell us where the pilgrims are going? I've familiar with the route in Spain, but not in France.

    1. The pilgrims are on their way to Compostella along the Via Tolosana Here's a link that shows the daily route that many of them take Toulouse was where the coastal route from Arles met the northern route for German and English pilgrims that led down from from the great church at Vezelay.
      Compostella , after Rome, remains the major pilgrimage site . On this side of the Spanish frontier the route is entirely uncommercial and weaves through small villages and across fields a it has for six or seven hundreds.

  10. A baguette box - how civilised.