Monday, August 25, 2014

I believe in kindness. Also in mischief.

So far today Sophie's chewed one of my socks, dug up a rose bush, found something that once had a tail and excavated four mole hills. All of this accompanied by high pitched yelps of delight.  

Why did we ever think a girl dog would be less mischief prone than a boy dog ? 

And here's a question all dog owners want answered


  1. Us girls can be big trouble makers too!

  2. We have no idea Angus. Sophie is clearly at one with my friend who signs off her emails with the quote "well behaved women rarely make history"…
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. That muddy Sophie just makes us smile.
    Now our Macdui is the noisiest, most talkative scottie! We didn't know boys could be so vocal.

    1. Oh, and we're grazers, too. We love grass.

  4. I totally agree on the mischievous girls, Princess Leah is keeping us on our toes but, so far, she's not much of a grazer.
    Our previous paws, I'm sure, had some sheep genes in there somewhere she grazed so much

  5. Same thing for human children. We have 2 sons and 1 daughter. I'd take a houseful of boys over 1 girl :)

  6. I love how Bob appears to be horrified by her antics.

  7. How I miss my grass eater. The morning ritual: Nibble on grass. Be admonished by wise parent who knows what will follow. Stop as tummy begins to roil. Whoop it up. Continue on walk. Start over the next morning.

  8. Love today's quote...applies to me from the day I was born.....Sophie is a girl after my can't help but love her mischievous ways.
    Thanks for the video....all my dogs seemed to eat grass to clear their upset stomachs....but now I learn it can be more than that. What always surprised me is that they always seemed to know which grass to eat out of the many grasses that reside in my garden.