Thursday, August 7, 2014

The biggest reward for a job well done is to have done it.

Young deer everywhere. Skittish faces peer out from the sunflowers that line the road. We count six of them this morning. Bob and Sophie are keen to give chase. They're kept firmly on their leads. What has made this a bumper year for deer ? The wet summer or the mild winter ?

Somewhere in the house Bob finds a bobble hat. Bob is an inquisitive fellow so we've learnt to keep drawers firmly closed to stop items of clothing being 'liberated'. Clearly someone hasn't followed this rule to the letter. The bobble hat soon becomes  a drool covered piece of cloth. For the rest of the morning Bob carefully guards the 'bobble' part of the hat in his mouth. He exudes the sort of happiness that comes with a job well done.

In the afternoon it's hot and humid. Sophie adopts her '' je suis la princesse sublime " attitude to life and dozes in the cool of the downstairs hallway.  Bob chases lizards on the decking. In the evening they stand by the courtyard gate ready to welcome any passing pilgrims. There aren't any. Instead they bark at the jays in the plane trees. PON's are not a quiet breed.

The things bagpipers have to worry about. 


  1. Sounds like da PONs got somefin in common wif me - I luvs barkin.

  2. At first, we thought that beanie was scored from a pilgrim.

    Talk about red tape!

  3. Really, would Angus have worn that bobble hat anyway?

  4. Maybe, Bertie, the answer to your question is 'yes' and the Font accidently (on purpose) left the bobble hat within Bob's reach

  5. "Bob and the Bobble Hat".....another good title for a children's book.....and a job well done.

  6. I just can't believe the article on the bagpipes. I've tried to put it on my Facebook page with no success. I am 100% against the killing and poaching of elephants for their ivory in today's world, but we need to accept that what was made with ivory years ago is a done deal. If only they would be so diligent with the illegal children and gang members crossing the border...