Thursday, August 21, 2014

People don't notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them.

Dark in the mornings now. Our 6.30 walk rescheduled to 7.00. Colder too. For the first time in months Angus wears a jumper. 

The cake shop opens again after a months holiday. We order two strawberry tarts and two eclairs. The cafe is due to re-open tomorrow. The PON's will be delighted once their routine ( and the illicit half croissant ) is restored. When the cafe is closed where do the beer and absinthe set go for their pre-breakfast libation ?

Sophie's cold wet nose is one of the wonders of the natural world. Can a nose be lustrous ? Bob's ever waving tail also qualifies as a wonder. Nose and tail have spent their day watching ( in Sophie's case glaring at ) the wrens nesting  in the wisteria by the front door. Bob is a silent watcher. Sophie a yelper.

No news yet about the Very Old Farmer. 


  1. That is a splendid nose and a rather nice looking custard tart on the edge of photo 1.
    Bob looking angelic in the last photo.
    An invasive procedure and what must be a great shock to a fragile system. I hope for the best outcome for the V.O.F.

  2. Good to see the cakes again!
    Are Bob and Sophie developing literary interests?

    1. They love to devour books but not in the generally accepted sense.

  3. Oh the cakes, the cakes ! Yum, yum.
    It had the feel of Autumn here this morning as well, not sure I'm happy about that, it is still August afterall.

  4. Roll on September and the croissant routine!

  5. Routine is also returning to our corner of the world as school has started in some of the neighboring counties.

    I'll hope that 'no news means good news' for the Very Old Farmer.

  6. Two perfect angels. Hard to believe they EVER do anything wrong...

  7. They look so gorgeous (and the cakes!)

  8. Angus, I will NEVER understand how you can only choose one or two pastries from a scintillating pastry case display like sir have a restraint out of this world!!!....I admire you.