Sunday, August 31, 2014

Twas ever thus, twill ever be so.

Half a dozen enormous owls screech at us as we walk across the village green on our late night walk. Squadrons of bats zoom by our ears. 100 or maybe 200 of them. They move so fast they're impossible to count. Has the warm weather brought out a feast of voles and dragonflies ?  'The font' informs me that a group of adolescent owls isn't a parliament it's a clutch.

The generally miserable summer has suddenly become cloudless and warm. A sure sign that the new school year starts this coming week. Natures revenge on eight year olds. Twas ever thus, 'twill ever be so. 

We go to the bar at the rugby club for our morning libation. The new season about to start. The coffee is undrinkable. Bob and Sophie get given their water in a silver foil baking tray. A very masculine touch that doesn't make up for the lack of a half croissant.

Sophie spends her day glaring at the wren and the goldfinch that have taken up residence in the wisteria by the front door. She is tireless in her annoyance.

Bob is too busy living life in the fast lane to notice the errant birds.

Life with two young healthy dogs is a joy.


WFT Nobby said...

So now I'm confused. Does a clutch refer to a group of owls in general or just adolescent ones? And at what age does an owls stop being an adolescent anyway? I am struggling to imagine what might constitute 'Kevin the teenager' type owl behaviour.
Help! Gail.

Angus said...

You've had me Googling. This link tells you all, and more, than you will ever need to know about owls. The key thing is a young owl is an owlet !

Anonymous said...

So many owls at the same time. Wonderful. I didn't realise that they gathered in such numbers.
Great mid-leap shot of Bob. Merlin can do the same, but along with a few groans. The mind is very willing but the springs aren't quite so able.
Have a lovely Sunday to all.

Anonymous said...

animal congregations

Kari said...

The font really is the font!
It must have been marvelous to see owls in numbers.
Love your photo of Bob with his ears flying. He'll soon be airborne!

10NISNE1 said...

Love the photo of Superdog Bob!

Swan said...

Love the action shot. Can't imagine the noise of the Screech Owls, but what an experience!

VirginiaC said...

I love that super Bob in flight darn cute.

VirginiaC said...

The rugby club bar looks WELL-STOCKED!!!

Louise said...

Reminds me of a photo of a very young wilf flying over a low brick wall, that was on your old blog.

Time. Sigh.