Friday, August 8, 2014

Unsophisticated pleasures

Up along the lane to the crest of the hill. The grain silo glowing yellow from the sunflowers around its base. The cows in the field by the stream have calved. The young ones asleep in the long grass. One young fellow, braver than the others, stands behind a pylon and peers at us. 

By the time we get home Sophie is tired out from all the excitement. She turns on her back and is soon snoring like a trooper on the courtyard gravel. We find ourselves laughing out loud. The unsophisticated pleasures of dog ownership.

The gentleman with the book at the 1:24 stage reacts nonchalantly to this impromptu rendition :


  1. Sophie is soooo absolute darling.

    1. Forgot to mention that I loved the video....nothing like that happens to me when I'm riding the NYC subway.

  2. Laughing here too at dear Sophie's face this morning.

  3. I agree, its that 'butter wouldn't melt' face

  4. Yes, those unsophisticated pleasures that only dog owners understand and know about.

    I hope the rest of your day has been an enjoyable and peaceful one!

  5. That video was magnificent. In other news-nice to see Sophie's pretty brown eyes.

  6. Marvelous flash mob, powerful voices. Thanks.

    Had Bob and Sophie been there, I'm sure they would have sung along.

  7. I do think that the look of utter and complete contentment on SOPHIE's face is due to the fact that the Texan God Daughter has departed.
    And that the resident Princesse has her castle back - to herself. Don't you agree? Regards from the Westcoast of Canada!

  8. Recalling similar photos of Wilf on his back. I think we all still miss him terribly.