Friday, August 1, 2014

You were born to make mistakes. Not fake perfection.

A beautiful morning. Bob and Sophie race round the garden then savage one another. A walk through the sunflowers to the stream should tire them out, but doesn't. After breakfast they rug surf then savage each other some more.

At the hardware store a new display. A mannequin in padded trousers, boots, lab coat and a black baseball cap worn back to front. Someone has studiously put a ball point pen in a pocket of the white lab coat. The end result is alarmingly driller killerish. Displayed next to the mannequin is a display of Dexter wire cutters. 

A young man from the Pastis Marketing Board comes to give an evening talk to the villagers. The Salle des Fetes full for the occasion. He extols the virtues of pastis. 'Taste, fragrance, the sweet smell of the mountains, an aid to digestion'. We can't help but notice that the young man will get halfway through a sentence then start to chuckle. Not any chuckle but the sort of chuckle that intimates he's about to burst into tear streaming bouts of laughter. Angus too would adopt a similar style if he had to trot out lines about the aphrodisiac properties of aniseed based aperitifs. The evening ends with a ''complimentary'' pastis tasting. This may explain why there is such a 'robust' turnout.

And here in a similar vein :


  1. I'm looking at the third photo and imagining Bob asking Sophie "how about some rug surfing now?"

  2. Dexter. LoL. I loved that series.
    Marscia xxxx

  3. Don't quite know what the sweet taste of the mountains is.....

    The mannequin should probably look morose, with a cigarette, so purchasers can get a better idea of how they'll look.

  4. How curious. I was thinking that the mannequin looked rather like Justin Bieber.

  5. And the collar of the lab coat is turned up in a dashing (?) manner. Clear goggles? Padded knees? Many curious things have happened in your village but I Just can't understand what anyone was thinking at all with this!