Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nothing stirs.

High summer. Nothing stirs. Bob stands on his stump seat ready to bark at any passing pilgrims. There are none. This doesn't stop him looking. Sophie wanders along the drive eating lavender. Both radiate happiness.

Late afternoon. A small metallic green Peugeot draws up outside the church. The Very Old Farmers son escorts the local estate agent round his fathers house. Today is the day of the old mans cancer operation. 


  1. Yes. Sheltered housing in France is very good; but you have to think the VOF would rather be at home...

    You're lucky still to have summer. It has faded and gone here- 9 degrees this am. Snow on the Ben, I read. But I get back to Luby at the end of next week!

  2. It's much cooler here in the Loire, too.
    The days still have some warmth, but there are showers and the evenings are cool, which is nice and better for a comfortable sleep.
    Summer seems to have been cut short and it feels "backend-ish", as my father says.
    That's rather poignant of the BOF's son, but I presume care will have to be paid for somehow, as in the UK.

  3. So he was able to make the appointment for the estate agent but not the hospital. I hope for good reasons.
    Very fresh, but bright in the Dengies this morning. Looking forward to a warm September at the Convent. Time I hope for the giant house spiders to have found their girlfriends for the season!
    Have a great day.

  4. That's very sad. We hope his son isn't just selling the house out from under him.

  5. That looks quite a balancing act for Bob on the stump seat.

    The very old farmer is turning into a very sad story, fingers crossed that the son is doing this because he has an excellent care plan in place.

  6. Oh dear. Prayers for the VOF today.
    Pam (Bonnie and Kenzie)

  7. I feel very sad about the Very Old Farmer. I hope he does not know about his son's activities.
    Thank you for all of your stories.

  8. I pray that God's kindness and comfort be with the Very Old Farmer throughout his surgery. And, that the Very Old Farmer's son is also touched by God's love and wrath to ensure that he attends lovingly to his father's needs.

  9. Hoping the Very Old Farmer will be okay.

  10. What a reprehensible act by that odious son! Why is he not at his father's side? Common vulture. The man is a disgrace .

  11. I'm praying that the Very Old Farmer will be okay after his surgery and that all goes well.
    Like many others here, I can't help but wonder why the son is not by his dad's side instead of wandering around his dad's home with the estate agent...shame on him.

  12. Sending best wishes to the VOF. Trying to be charitable in re the son, but tending to agree with Kari, above.

    Bob balancing on his tree stool is like some kind of demented circus act and makes me laugh. Much needed these days.

  13. Prayerful thoughts of the very old farmer,who may well have asked his son to look into selling for him. Who knows?
    Does sweet sister ever commandeer Bob's little throne?

    Jo and Stella

  14. I hope all goes well, maybe the Son is going to take his Dad home with him.

  15. Hoping all goes well with the old farmer. Oh and a pox on any real estate agents (or off spring) who are motivated by greed. There is such a thing as undue haste. Sorry probably a politically incorrect comment. I'm sure the Font would never be that ungenerous.