Sunday, February 21, 2016

It rumbles on.

Bob and Sophie are in particularly fine form. They exude happiness. As the sun sets they position themselves on the wooden garden table and watch the world turn slowly purple. 

One of the most wonderful of nights. Mild, no clouds, and not even a hint of a breeze. We traipse into the garden.  'The Font' takes out a telescope, Sophie glares at the owls roosting in the barn ( and they unperturbed glare back at her) , Angus nurses a glass of a 2010 St.Estephe and Bob settles down for a lengthy doze across his masters feet. The Space Station lumbers across the sky and a couple of Chinese (?) satellites cast parallel tracks above the big aerospace plants in Bordeaux before heading out across the Atlantic .

This morning we're up at the crack of dawn. The garden centre has taken delivery of two Vase d'Anduzes in the original colour scheme. Just what we've been looking for. Someone else has had the same idea. They've already been sold.

Am I alone in thinking that the orchids look as if they've had some DNA enhancement ?

Back in the village the saga of the rocking crucifix rumbles on. A builder has been called in. He spends an hour clambering up ladders and taking measurements. The mayor, various retired Gendarmes , the man who wears a yellow day-glo jacket , the Old Farmer and the village odd job man watch him. The builder suggests hiring a crane to lift the statue out while the brick plinth is repaired. It doesn't take long for the mayor and his coterie of helpers to work out that this implies cost. Maybe considerable cost. There is much shrugging of shoulders. Bob takes it all in from his position on the stump seat by the front gate. Angus can't help but feel we have a village crisis in the making.

Just another of those happy days too unimportant to take up much space in a diary but too important to go completely unrecorded.


Coppa's girl said...

Oh dear, a village crisis - will the mayor want to borrow your long ladders again.
Love those vases - they look so much better than the faux highly glazed ones normally sold. Are you sure those orchids were real - they look plastic - just slightly more realistic than the real ones !
We wonder if the builder is a cousin to your fancy kitchen designer?

VirginiaC said...

Angus would it be possible to have the garden centre order another two Vase d'Anduzes for you?
They're truly beautiful and would look great at the ROF....Bob would love to christen them too.
I believe the statue crisis will be averted when the mayor pops by for your advice and a glass of wine....he seems to listen to your advice so look out for his arrival.
Can't say I like the look of those orchids...they look like a mutant experiment gone wrong....

Kerrie Roberts said...

Anduze is only a four hour drive away. Why not visit all the ateliers on the spot and choose for yourselves ? Much mor fun than a visit to the local garden centre.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The vases are lovely, I can see why they were snapped up.

A perfect night last evening for us as well -- More like spring, that I'm hopeful will come soon.

Kari said...

Just took a trip Io Longwood Gardens to see their extensive orchid collection on display now. Dyeing plants blue doesn't help people to enjoy them.
Have Bob heavily christen the vases. Maybe the sale will fall through. Non pet owners are frequently put off by urine on their items.

Unknown said...

I hope you find other urns to your liking. These are very fine. The orchids are garish, like so many new offerings in the seed catalogs these days - always promoted with phrases like “bold new colors” or “vibrant and exciting.”

WFT Nobby said...

That sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening. Did you raise a glass and wave to Tim in the space station?