Thursday, November 3, 2016

30% off.

Brunhilda the German billionaires dog wanders down from the chateau and saunters nonchalantly along the lane. Sophie, who has been dozing in the small courtyard leaps to her feet. Before I can catch her she's on her hind legs, paws on the top of the garden wall for support, barking away at this Teutonic interloper. Lesson #1 with a diva patient - don't ever be lulled into the belief that she's going to lie still and be a good patient.

Bob is still drooling but apart from that is in fine form. His beard has taken on something of a Lenin look.

The family fellow continues to get four walks a day. This compensates for his sisters inactivity and the loss of a companion to charge round the garden with. Hurtling round the garden on your own dealing with invisible dangers just isn't the same.

A few clouds appear overhead. The weather forecast still says that this bright summer weather is going to come to an abrupt and chilly end on Saturday. Along the motorway the leaves on the trees only now beginning to turn.

At the supermarket an array of plastic flowers that weren't sold in time for All Saints day. They're being offered at 30% off. No one is interested. By Saturday they'll be 70% off. 

The new moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn all in alignment. Dogs and owners sit outside late at night and drink it all in.


  1. 30% off horrible is still horrible, 70% becomes an incentive only for the desperate hoarder! I hadn't thought about Bob's reduced activity levels, of course you're right, and it wouldn't do for him to gain too much weight - it all puts stress on those legs, doesn't it. Our Goldie has had archilies surgery and keeping the weight down has been imperative since then. A difficult and constant battle.

  2. Only goes to certainly can't keep a determined and spirited diva down.
    Plastic flowers - makes no scents!

  3. Just a thought, could Bob's problem be an insect bite somewhere?

  4. Did the German billionaire really name his dog Brunhilda or is that your affectionate appellation?

  5. 100% off wouldn't tempt me, but perhaps the desperate will "plant" them out in the garden and have a fine display in January and February !
    Bob has a wary look about him today - what's the little fellow been up to, I wonder.....

  6. Have a sister in Texas who 'plants' fake flowers in her window boxes and gardens. She'd love to be there...