Monday, November 7, 2016

A pleasing touch of symmetry.

Overnight a storm front moves through the valley stripping the little lime tree on the village green of half its leaves. They've fallen and formed a near perfect circle on the grass round its base. Lit by the street light dog and owner notice this pleasing touch of symmetry. Dog rustles his way through the leaves.

The sky has brightened by the time we've done a tour of the boundaries and emerged back onto the lane . Horses, cows and donkeys all carefully PON appraised. At our approach nervous deer scurry into the thick woodland. Bob seems happy that all is well with the world. We startle a family of Bullfinches who fly away from their nest in the brambles by the crossroads - their agitated chirrups tell us that this is not a time that humans and their companions should be out and about.

In between showers Sophie is walked in the garden. The ground may be wet but it's soft and the leaves hold onto the tantalizing smells of night time visitors - voles, shrews and the soon to be hibernating field mice and hedgehogs. She walks twenty yards, sniffs, rests, then walks another twenty yards. The repaired back leg enjoying the exercise. The other leg strength less but soon to be put right. Before we head in for breakfast Sophie turns on her back, kicks her legs in the air and squeals with delight. You can take the girl out of the party but you can't take the party ...

The garden centre has a fresh delivery of Anduze pots. Angus has been meaning to buy some for the last three years. Each time he looks he's put off by the price. In a world where there is supposedly no inflation Anduze pots seem to be  contra-indicator. Their price up 50% since I started looking.

Bob is prevented from 'christening' a collection of fibreglass Buddhas.

This has clearly been a bad year for Chrysanthemum sales. A week after All Saints Day and the greenhouses still overflowing with the things.

This morning they play this on Radio Nostalgie .


  1. Great to read that Sophie's on good form today!

  2. "Happy Days" is pretty old even for Nostalgie. Their sweet spot is the '60s-'80s, with people like Polnareff. Some biting sarcasm?

  3. Oh Sophie, so glad you're still partying!

  4. Weren't you tempted to rustle your way amongst the leaves too, Angus?
    After tomorrow, will all ever be well with the world again?

  5. Perhaps this is the year for the Anduze pots? (Just think of next year's price.) I would be very tempted. The chrysanthemums, on the other hand, sadly do not tempt.

  6. Do you get nostalgic for the days when Mme Bay sang along with the radio?

    1. The absence of the dance routines while hoovering is missed. The singing along less so.